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Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 6 Screenshot Recap

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Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 6 Screenshot Recap

Song Seung Hun as Jin Hyuk (JH)

Park MIn Young as Yoo MIna (future) / Hong Young Rae (Past)(YR)

Kim Jaejoong as Kim Kyung Tak (KT)

Lee Bum Soo as Lee Ha Eung (HE)

Lee So Yeon as Choon Hoong (CH)

Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 6 Screenshot Recap by v3sia

Jinhyuk was giving some lecture to Joseon dynasty medicine men when Youngrae come to visit him.

Young rae and Jinhyuk was resting in one of the pagoda. youngrae brought mealbox for Jinhyuk. Youngrae said to Jinhyuk that she was worried that her cook will not suit his taste. Suddenly Jinhyuk remembered when Mina once brought some mealbox to him. She was also worried if the meal suits to Jinhyuk's taste.

Back to reality, Jinhyuk answered that Youngrae's food is delicious. Youngrae suddenly asked about Mina, She asked if she is Jinhyuk previous girlfriend. She explained JInhyuk once called her name out uncounciously. Jinhyuk answered Mina is not someone from this world, someone who he couldn't meet even if he want to. Younrae apologized after that.

Ha Eung was drinking with the bandit head. They both talking about working together in some swindle work. Haeung said to the bandit gang, there is some big work. But the work need some money. The bandit gang was not fall for that, but Haeung teased and said if he's afraid. Suddenly some bandit come and told the bandit gang about something in privacy. The bandit gang refused Haeung's offer and told him to return his loan in 15 days.

The bandit gang walked into a house (Haeung saw it from distance)

The house was Younghwi's headquarter.

the bandit gang showed some some box, with money inside to Younghwi. Youngwhi showed a bigger box with money to the bandit gang.

One of Young hwi's member caught Haeung and brought him to the HQ.

When the bandit gang and Younghwi came out,Haeung was also brought in. Younghwi tried to disguise himself but failed. He ended up threaten Haeung to shut his mouth( fierce side of Younghwi is OUT)

Younghwi come home and found his mother, He asked some dinner to his mother. His mother called Youngrae to prepare the dinner. Youngrae said it's also time for Jinhyuk come to have dinner. Youngrae's servant come and told her that jinhyuk will eat outside. He will go to the brothel with his friends.

Jinhyuk, Haeung and his friends was welcomed by Choonhong and some gisaeng. Jinhyuk and Haeung was served by Choonhong directly. Choonhong asked if Jinhyuk knew that she once visited him when he was sick. Jinhyuk expressed that he didn't know. Choon hong said that maybe Youngrae didn't tell him about it. Suddenly Haeung asked Jinhyuk asked about Youngrae's brother. Jinhyuk want to excuse himself saying that it was already late. Choonhong told him that she want him to see something before he left.

Choon hong brought Jinhyuk and Haeung to one room with one woman inside. the woman disguise her face with some handfan. haeung recognized her as gyehang. Jinhyuk see the woman face was fulled with some ulcer. Jinhyuk asked since when she got the disease. Jinhyuk ask Gyehyang about his guest, especially the one who she slept with her before. Hyehyang suddenly got shy and told them to go out.

Choonhong asked why she think Gisaeng like that. Jinhyuk told that it's connected with the disease. He told haeung that it's called syphilis. Choonhong asked Jinhyuk to help hyehyang, but Jinhyuk said he also can't help. The cure for the disease in penicilin(who was still not invented)

On the way home, Jinhyuka sked how Haeung knew gyehyang. Haeung saw gyehyang was dancing to entertain the minister kim's elder son when the elder son tried to harrased Gyehyang. haeung helper her by pretending to get drunk and separate them. Gyehyang took care haeung who was hurt while trying to help her. haeung was joking with her. But you can see that Gyehyang actually like haeung.

Youngrae was boiling some medicine when Jinhyuk got home. Jinhyuk was so deep in mind, so he just ignored her. She was upset.

In the morning, Jinhyuk asked Dr. ho if there is also any medicine for some skin blister in this dynasty. He said that there should be some medicine, but he also never see a patients with this case so also not sure about it. Jinhyuk told dr. ho about the patients who he saw in brothel house last night. Youngrae listened to the conversation when she came in. Jinhyuk want to go back to the brothel to check the patient condition. dr. Ho was happily accompanied him. Youngrae also want to go to the brothel with them.

Jinhyuk, youngrae and Dr, ho arrived in the brothel. one of the gisaeng told Youngrae she couldn't get in because of their law 9only man accepted!!!)

Choonhong come to the rescue and accepted them in the brothel.

Jinhyuk asked to check the other gisaeng. The gisaeng refused said there is no use since there is no cure.

Choonhong decided to volunterr herself. youngrae checked her and she was clean.

One of the gisaeng come and told the officer'ds doctor come

Jinhyuk, Choonhong, Youngrae and dr ho go to gyehyang's room, they found the officer's doctor was checking gyehyang.

the officer's doctor decided to treat her. He took out some liquid. Jinhyuk found out that it was mercury.

Jinhyuk got angry. He asid if gyehyang ate it, she will be dead. Gyehyang suddenly took the liquid intended to drink it.

Jinhyuk stopped her. gyehyang cried and said she better died that live with the disease.

The officer's doctor reported the condition to minister kim's oldest son

(I guess he is the culprit)

He said, gyehyang will die soon, so no need to worry. The elder son give him some money but he expressed that it's too little

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Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany To Unlock Solo Album In May

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Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany To Unlock Solo Album In May

She these days finalized the arrangements for her album. For a three-day period, beginning April 25, Tiffany filmed the tune video for her identify track, and participated in a photo shoot for the album. Her new album will feature songs of many various genres that wouldshow off Tiffanys authentic charms and musicality. The singer plans on proceeding to preparechallengingso asto turn a more bestfunctionality onstage.

First, Tiffany used to befirstlymeant to make her solo debut closing fall, yet it becomenot on time for more than one months all the manner through the production stage. In the end, the release of her solo album was driven back for around six months.

During the ones six months, there were also several conflicting reports about if and when she would release a solo album. The singer was even stuck up in dating rumors with rapper Gray, when in reality she was running alongside AOMG manufacturers on her solo album.

Giveaway: Win Tickets to look SHINee Are living in Chicago

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Giveaway: Win Tickets to look SHINee Are living in Chicago

Giveaway: Win Tickets to peer SHINee Are living in Chicagoknims April 29, 2016 0 Girls and gentlemen, as you know we've got a momentous instance on our hands. SHINee is having their first solo fanmeet in the U.S. in the very fortunatetown of Chicago on Might 8th and tickets are on sale now here on Ticketmaster.

If you’re a SHINee fan, how are you in a position tonow not attend the fanmeet  and displaythe gang support? More enhancealmost certainly equals more displayssomeday and, as any individual who isn’t in Chicago, I’d actually appreciate the opportunity to get  some SHINee concerts in the future.

But, if you’re in the space and can’t spare the money for tickets correct now, we'vean awesome opportunity to win them! All you will need do is spread the notice about the show!

Yoo Ah-in stars on duvet of Hong Kong men's magazine

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In the revealed pictorial, Yoo Ah-in's trendy charms grabbed the eyeof girls fans. The informalglance is entire alongside a white blouse and jacket matched with a couple of dark jeans. His dreamy eyes and the appearance on his face are swoon-worthy.

Industry Insiders Call Their Best Feminine Vocalists

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Industry Insiders Call Their Best  Feminine Vocalists

Industry Insiders Call Their BestFeminine Vocalistsorionight April 29, 2016 0 There aren’t very many young female vocalists in the K-pop world, in spite of the call for for them in the industry. Thankfully, there are the ones few singers, either idol staffcontributors and soloists, who are regarded as vocalists with true musicianship. Here are the pinnacle3 female vocalists in their 20s selectedby ability of industry insiders.

Topping the list is the leader of Girls’ Generation. With her solo debut with “I” in 2015, Taeyeon used to be given the opportunity to blow their own horns her vocal skills. Industry insiders overwhelmingly chose her as Korea’s top female vocalist, with 19.44 % of the votes going to her.

Insiders showered her with such praises as, “She’s a vocalist with unrivaled visuals and timbre,” “Her solo album turned intostuffed with songs that were utterlyother from the standard Girls’ Generation concept, and her vocal spectrum is extremely wide,” and, “I was shocked at how without problems Taeyeon can sing with her distinct voice and long breath phrases.”

Spoiler 'Memory' Lee Sung-min starts pleasant revenge

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Lee Chan-moo (Jeon No-min) have been committing such so much offurther crimes to hidethe reality his son Seung-ho had killed Dong-woo 15 years ago. He even hired Tae-seok at the Taeseon Law Company and made him to paintings equally a defense attorney for the corrupted lawsuit comparable to Sin Yeong-jin (Lee Ki-woo)'s case. When Park Tae-seok discovered he had been living as a slave of cash without knowing the truth, he shuddered at his stupid beyond life.

After Na Eun-seon heard everything, she flopped to the floor and broke down in tears. She yelled, "I'm going to kill him appropriate now. I are no longertaking a look for law even". Park Tae-seok told her, "I've been living like trash. But, I am goingto exploitthe whole lot left to me to show the truth for Dong-woo".

Video Photos Added new trailer and stills for the Korean film 'Dear..Lena'

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"Dear..Lena" (2016)Directed by way of Chae Heon-jeongWith Park Gi-rim, Kim Jae-man, Ko Hee-gi, Ryoo Si-hyeon, Choi Ho-joong, Park Ran-II,...SynopsisOur silly tale...of other peoplestuffed with hurtLena is a Koryeo girl who lives in Russia. She has a pain that she can never overcome. Where she chose to reside is her mother's land and her country. Soon-goo is an blameless guy who waits for her as he harvests green tea. He comes to a decision to take her in yet he can notassist feeling uneasy...The watercolor of lonely people...Release date in Korea : 2016/05/26

Go Hyun Jung Suffers 3rd Stage Burns; Plans On Proceeding Drama Shoot Regardless

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Go Hyun Jung Suffers 3rd  Stage Burns; Plans On Proceeding Drama Shoot Regardless

They stated, Go Hyun Jung suffered third degree burns on her hands and feet. She was once injured whilstlooking aftera private matter, now notthroughout filming. She is latelybeneathremedy and is recovering. Even if she changed into injured, she strongly insisted on continuing with the filming. We are operating on adjusting her agenda and continuing the shoot. This drama is a pre-recorded drama and because weve already filmed numerous it already, her damagewon'thave an effect on our filming schedule.

Meanwhile, tvNs Dear My Pals centers around lively, immature youths as they grow and be informedclasses about life. It's going to air on Mightthirteen at 8:30 p.m. KST.

Spoiler 'Ms. Mood and Nam Jung-gi' Lee Yo-won vs Yeon Jeong-hoon, and Yoon Sang-hyeon throws one heavy punch

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As Wook Da-jeong (Lee Yo-won) used to bedisappointed with his pompous attitude, she stated angrily, "It's disgusting. After placing some investment into it, you are calling us a family, I did not know here's your taste?" and "I despise the onesmaximum who act awesome with the money that isn't even his". Lee Ji-sang asked Nam Jung-gi (Yoon Sang-hyeon) for advice, "What must ane do to win Wook Da-jeong's heart?"

Nam Jung-gi asked him back, "Don't you suspect making the real efforts to make the work atmosphere for the employees to experience their work may work?" Lee Ji-sang cynically responded, "Then raising salary will work. It iscash after all".

However, Nam Jung-gi said, "Well, what I mentioned is happiness. Money is incorporated in it yetit isn't all" and "Pride, feeling content and taking phase in comradeship operatingin combination and also produce just right products, it's anything called happiness". Wook Da-jeong commented, "You can notpurchasethose money. Do not you think?"

BIGBANG sends their merry cheers for T.O.P

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BIGBANG sends their merry cheers for T.O.P

On April 29th, Youngbae posted a photo on Instagram of him having a drink with G-Dragon, Seungri and Daesung, dedicating the post to T.O.P saying, “Cheers for @choi_seung_hyun_tttop wish u were here! Leave out u.” 

G-Dragon also posted the photo to his own account, whilst T.O.P shared the communique he had with the remainder of the members who dined out without it, additional describing them as “The brothers that I miss.” 

Seo Kang Joon Prepares An incredible Gift For His Fans

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Seo Kang Joon Prepares An incredible Gift For His Fans

Seo Kang Joon Prepares A terrific Gift For His Lovers boxclub April 29, 2016 0 Actor Search engine marketing Kang Joon is appearing his appreciation for his fans with an improbable gift. He's renting out a complete topic park for them.

On April 29, his firm announced that on Would possibly 20, “Seo Kang Joon is making plansa distinctassembly amongst his fans via an match called “We Like2Night.”

Through this event, Seo Kang Joon is hoping so to make more beneficial memories with his fans and has thus rented out the landmark theme park in Korea, Lotte World.