4minute’s Sohyun prank calls f(x)’s Sulli on ‘Beatles Code 2′

4minute’s Sohyun prank calls f(x)’s Sulli on ‘Beatles Code 2′

4minutes Sohyun prank calls f(x)s Sulli on Beatles Code 2

4minutes Sohyuns surprise prank call which almost led to f(x)s Sulli shedding tears.

On a recent broadcast of Mnets Beatles Code 2, a few of the guests members were asked to test their friendship with other celebrities through a prank call.

When it was Sohyuns turn, the singer decided to test none other than her close friend, Sulli. As soon as she answered the phone, Sohyun began her hidden prank by asking, Im having a hard time. Are you able to meet right now?

Sulli replied saying that she was currently at her house in Ilsan but in order to have Sulli come out, Sohyun casually continued, Do you at least have time to meet later in the morning? I want to get something off my chest, but I dont know who to talk to.

But to everyones surprise, Sulli suddenly responded by saying that shed call her back and tried hanging up. Taken aback, Sohyun immediately tried to keep her on the line which caused Sulli arouse with suspicion. Are you with somebody right now? Youre playing a prank, arent you?

This prompted MC Shindong to break in and reveal the current situation. Surprised by the prank call, Sulli said, I suddenly feel like tears are coming, which led Sohyun to express her apologetic feelings.

When asked why she tried to hang up, Sulli explained, Im with my family so I was going to ask them whether she could come over. My friends frequently visit my house and it seemed like Sohyun was having a difficult time alone. Therefore I was going to suggest her to come over so we could cheer her up.

Others that had participated in this segment were 4minutes HyunA, who prank called her Trouble Maker duet partner, B2STs Jang HyunseungJihyun, who called Super Juniors Donghae, and Shoo prank called Eugene.

SourceImage: MyDaily via Nate