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A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 5 Screenshot Recap

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A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 5 Screenshot Recap


- DJ saw SR on the way and helped her to put the things back. So, he also saw the TS's graduation pic between YS's notebook.

- SR suggested to go and eat a meal tgt after the baseball match. She purposely sit in front of TS, not beside and asked YS to sit beside TS saying she wants to stay face-to-face with TS.

- The atmosphere in the restarurant is getting tense since SR is pressing YS about the guy she likes and DJ saved her, asking to go back early tgt.

- DJ went back home, the chocolate basket was on his table and re-read the valentine card. He suddenly noticed the handwriting and double-check with the post-it notes he kept. As expected, smartie DJ realized it's not the same handwriting.

- DJ went to TS's house, to meet Meahri, instead, he met Yoon. Meahri got surprised to see DJ at her house and grumpily said why he's at her house. Then, she suddenly saw Yoon and the tone suddenly changed. hahaha

- DJ brought Meahri to her room, asking her to write something, which I think is similiar phrase in valentine card. He knew the truth alr. Then, DJ asked what's her fav song? I can't catch the first song, the second song is Be Mine which I think is Infinite's. I guess DJ suspected that the phrases in V-card are lyrics. DJ showed the graudation pic of Yoon which he cut out from his copy. Instead, Meahri showed her handphone screen which is the same pic. [I feel like doing the punishment, "I applaused your smart and sharp detective skills, Kim Do Jin shii."]

- DJ asked Meahri to give the book which I think is graduation book, which in return, he'll give his password to his house since Yoon will be living with him. Meahri right away gave him.

- SR asked YS about TS's baseball jersey no and why 836. YS answered enthusiastically and SR said "I'm not sure anymore, that who's real gf of TS."

- SR was jealous and went to DJ's office and said she thinks YS likes the one who did baseball and he's not DJ. The convo goes like;

DJ: Don't care about anything and just love TS.

DJ: I mean more than you do now. I don't think the guy I saw, in previous morning, at your house is not YS's friend. Am I right? If YS wants you two to cause troubles, she won't cover this case up for your sake.

SR: I'm going back now. Don't tell YS that I came here.

- DJ went to YS's house to get measurements of the kitchen, I guess. YS knew he would come since TS give her a call and said SR isn't at home. DJ said that he came the time SR isn't at home, wishing he'd see her coming out from shower.

- YS's computer got virus and DJ took a look at her computer and said those virus only come from assessing porn sites. kekekeke

- DJ fixed the virus and asked YS to make a cup of coffee. Then he saw YS's pics with bikini on her blog. DJ was impressed but YS suddenly came in and he spilled the coffee on her computer.

- She made a fuss about how crazy he is for spilling coffee at her laptop. DJ is suprised since YS is angry not because he's looking her bikini pics, because he spilled her laptop. DJ said he's going back because if he stays longer, he's going to have dirty thoughts and might not be able to control himself. That time DJ is so sincere and I bet even YS heart skips a beat or two coz of him.

- YS was supposed to go for 1night 2days trip, but cancelled at the last minute. Then, she received a package from Meahri which is red dress. When she's trying on, TS came in the house and she left the house right away.

- YS called Meahri to come and pick her up, instead, Meahri asked YS to take taxi and come to her house and she'll be waiting in front of her house.

- TS and SR got into fight coz TS suggested to go outside and play, instead of staying home since SR is not living alone. SR said it's her house and why can't she stay at her house. Then, got into petty fight like "You care more about YS than me, right?"

- YS reached to Meahri's house. Right in time, TS came back and suprised to see YS. YS said she's going to party and pick Meahri up.

- They went to nightclub and met Colin. Meahri got locked in the toilet, Colin incidentally heard her voice and came to rescue. *so cool*

- YS went out of the club and thought who to call, TS is with SR, Yoon is in meeting, then, she called DJ, asking to come. "Doesn’t your heart hurt to know the woman you love one-sidedly is on the street, without money?"

- DJ didn't clearly say he's coming or not. So, YS tested her luck and talking someone who got the car to send her home. But, DJ saw that and hit that car with his Betty. *poor Betty*

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Jessica Releases MV Teaser For “Fly” Forward Of Solo Debut

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Jessica Releases MV Teaser For Fly Forward Of Solo Debutehk38 Might 2, 2016 0 After unveiling the music list of Jessicas solo debut album, Coridel Entertainment has released the music video teaser for the artists identify track Fly.

The approximately 30-second music video teaser functions Jessica in a lone bath in the desolate tract reading a handwritten postcard. There's no music tillagainst the finish of the teaser, where Jessica teases what sounds like the hook of Fly.

The complete championship track, written by way of Jessica herself, will feature rapper Fabolous. She also worked at the composition of the song along with Karriem (KMack) Mack, Eric (VENZ) Fernandez, Tatiana (Tatu) Matthews, and John (Fabolous).

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During the episode, MC Kim Sung Joo asks actress Lee Sung Kyung about her well known friendships with stars like Block Bs Zico, WINNERs Song Mino and Kang Seung Yoon, and actor Lee Kwang Soo. Is there any potential to development into lovers? Kim Sung Joo asks.

If there used to be any potential, there would had beenanything from the start, Lee Sung Kyung replies. They just treat me as one of the vital boys.

Kim Ji-won-I's first fan autograph signing since "Descendants of the Sun"

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Dispatch Takes Pictures Of Jaekyung At The Beach

Flawless aspect view of her amazing frame

Jaekyung having a look like a Goddess

Taking section in her photoshoot!

You’re Utterly Lacking Out On UNIQ, And Here’s Why

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You’re Utterly  Lacking Out On UNIQ, And Here’s Why

Youre CompletelyLacking Out On UNIQ, And Heres Whyblacksesame88 Would possibly 2, 2016 0 Calling all unicorns! Reason who doesn’t wish to exist a unicorn? Okay, let me clarify: unicorns are the lovers of Chinese-Korean idol team UNIQ. The gangis determined for a comeback soon, either in Could or June of this year. I in my opinion feel UNIQ is such an underrated neighborhood and surelymerits more attention, so I’ll give youall of the deets about this amazingly talented and beautiful group.

UNIQ is a Chinese-Korean boyband shapedvia Yuehua Entertainment. The call UNIQ comes from the combo of the words authentic and unicorn. Prior to they debuted, they were trained beneath the steering of YG Entertainment. The organizationis composedof 2 Korean members, Kim Sungjoo and Cho Seungyoun, and 3 Chinese members, Wang Yibo, Zhou Yixuan and Li Wenhan.

The group officially debuted on October 20, 2014 with the unlock of “Falling In Love” in either Korean and Mandarin, and later on also released an English version. Whilst the group is still reasonably unknown in South Korea, they have got been making waves in China since their debut, racking up many CFs, dramas, films, kind shows, etc.

Luhan at risk of being prohibited from Taiwan for five years

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Luhan at risk of being prohibited from Taiwan for five years

Immigration stated, His work as a celebrity with shuttle visa in Taiwan is unlawful and the production will have to give an explanation for themselves within the duration in their stay. We can beready to take action after more investigation comparable to forcing him to leave the country. 

As a response, production statedvia their reliable SNS account, Our loss ofrevel inled to a lack of preparation, we will take care of the artist and finish the recording safely.

Image: Chinese version of Im Going To faculty poster

ZE:A’s Dongjun To Unencumber Solo Music For The primary Time Since Debut

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ZE:A’s Dongjun To Unencumber Solo Music For The primary Time Since Debut

ZE:As Dongjun To Free up Solo Tune For The primary fourth dimension Since DebutJiwonYu Might 2, 2016 0 ZE:As Dongjun might befreeing his first-ever solo track since his debut!

His firmSuperstar Empire said on Could 3, ZE:A Js solo task has released Kevins and Jung Heechuls solo tracks so far, and now it is going todisclose Dongjuns solo track Curative today, at midnight.

Prior to this, ZE:As unit staff ZE:A J, with Kevin, Jung Heechul, and Dongjun, has released its Eastern album Just This night on April 20. This album also contains Korean versions of the songs in the album to thank the lovers who were with them for all this time.

Park So Dam In any case Showed As Feminine Lead For “Beautiful Mind”

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Park So Dam In any case  Showed As Feminine Lead For “Beautiful Mind”

Park So Dam In spite of everythingShowed every bitFeminine Lead For gorgeousBrain ehk38 Might 2, 2016 0 KBS2 Wednesday-Thursday drama ExquisiteIntellect has ultimately confirmed their female lead.

Beautiful Mind prior to nowstarted filming without a feminine lead. Actress Park So Dam used to beprinted to be into account as the feminine lead, yet her firmanswered to reports pointing out that not anythingbecome confirmed.

As of May just 2, Park So Dam has been confirmed to headline Beautiful Mind contrary Jang Hyuk. Yoon Hyun Min, Park Se Young, and Heo Joon Ho have also been confirmed as solid members. With Beautiful Mind, Heo Joon Ho is making his first small screen comeback in nine years, his remaining drama being Lobbyist.

TWICE Mina’s greets enthusiasts on a rainy morning with a candy cover

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TWICE Mina’s greets enthusiasts on a rainy morning with a candy cover

To lend a hand her fans get started off the day on a bright and satisfied note, however, TWICEMina released a quickquilt of Toys She Stated That. And after hearing her comfortable and soothing voice, fans were stuffed with happiness and effortto hold out during theleisure of the day.