ZE:A’s Kwanghee tries out Big Bang’s eyeliner style

ZE:A’s Kwanghee tries out Big Bang’s eyeliner style

ZE:As Kwanghee tries out Big Bangs eyeliner style

On the June 8th episode of SBSs Go Show, ZE:As Kwanghee revealed that he had tried to mimic the eyeliner style of Big Bang.

MC Yoon Jong Shin mentioned to guest Kwanghee that his eyeliner was the thickest on the show that day. Kwanghee replied, I was actually worried because I thought Go Hyun Jung sunbae wouldnt like it. Dont girls not like it when guys wear thick eyeliner?

He continued, I saw that the Big Bang seniors had thick eyeliner and I thought they looked so cool. I decide to try it out for myself, but it looks so dark on the monitor.

He then stuck his head out checking his eyeliner on the monitor, leading the cast to laugh at the cute act.

Yoon Jong Shin was unable to contain his laughter, commenting, Youre the first person that Ive seen checking out your appearance in the monitor so blatantly.

Source + Photos: Korean Ilbo via Nate