MYNAME to release Japanese debut single "Message" on July 25th

MYNAME is currently promoting their first Korean single "Hello & Goodbye" but will be heading to Japan in July to release their debut single

MYNAME to release Japanese debut single "Message" on July 25th

MYNAME is currently promoting their first single “Hello & Goodbye” but will be heading to in July to release their single.

The five member group is set to release a Japanese version of their Korean debut track “Message” late July. The single will be released in two different CD+DVD version and will include a tracklist of three tracks as well as their instrumentals. Next to “Message”, the single includes original songs “Summer Party” and “I want you”.

MYNAME signed an exclusive contract with Yoshimoto Kogyo and had a collaboration track with its solo singer YU-A earlier this month.

Will you be anticipating the group’s debut track?

Source: Tower Records and MYNAMEjp

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