Dalmatian reveals how they made their beastly transformation

Dalmatian reveals how they made their beastly transformation

Dalmatian reveals how they made their beastly transformation

Well into their promotions for their State of Emergency comeback, Dalmatian sat down with Ilgan Sports for a heartfelt interview on the changes theyve undergone during their hiatus.

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Q. A new member joined.

Jisoo: Rapper Simon joined. He was born in America, but his nationality is Japanese. His father is Korean, and his mother is Japanese.

Q. How has your image changed?

Simon: We prepared our album with an air of desperation thinking that this could be our last album ever. Out of our desperation, we found an image that fit us well. Since weve done the cute concept to death, we wanted to show something stronger this time.

Q. Looks like everyone got more muscular.

Inati: We all worked out to shed our young sheep image and transform into beasts. All of us gained about 11 pounds (5 kg) in muscle mass. Jisoo used to weigh 123 pounds (56 kg), but now hes up to 141 pounds (64 kg) by just developing muscles alone. Daniels muscle to fat ratio is on par with that of an athletes.

Q. How have you changed musically?

Youngwon: We used to sing light and bright songs, but our recent album is full of darker, heavier songs.

Q. Can you introduce your title track?

Daniel: Our albums title track is E.R. We compared the urgent feeling of watching ones lover leave you to the state of an emergency room. I think it fits our teams situation well. We also switched up the choreography with new things several times.

Q. Review your last album with an unbiased approach.

Jisoo: Ranking in at 11th on a music program was like poison to us. It made us feel more comfortable, but also more lax with our performances. The public proved to be cold, as we dropped in ranking the next week and concluded our promotions hastily.

Q. Its the battle of the idols lately.

Inati: Were not scared (laughter). There are a lot of popular teams, but Im actually glad about that. Id love to go up against others in a true competition battle because itd be a greater meaning of success if we survived it.

Source + Photos: Joongang via Naver