[Spoiler] "A Gentleman's Dignity" Jang Dong-gun's way of having a crush

Jang Dong-gun's way of having a crush on someone was different. He was cool even after being caught with another woman the previous night by Kim Ha-neul.

Kim Do-jin sent Seo Ee-soo a pair of shoes as a present. She was so happy to see them. However, Hong Se-ra (Yoon Se-ah) saw that and asked, "That is a limited edition 1.3 million won pair of shoes. Who's the man who sent you that?"

Seo Ee-soo took the box of shoes and went over to Kim Do-jin's house. She told him, "The first present you give to someone should be under a hundred won just so the recipient doesn't feel pressured but this is just showing off your money". Kim Do-jin was offended and said, "I call it consuming, purchase or even a gift".

Kim Do-jin then called the woman in his room and gave her the shoes Seo Ee-soo was holding. When Seo Ee-soo was surprised at the woman in her underwear, Kim Do-jin said, "Do you want to sleep with me? Do you expect pure love from me when you like someone else?" and back fired at Seo Ee-soo instead.