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Skinniest in the OECD doesn't carry much weight

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Skinniest in the OECD doesn't carry much weight

A 29-year-old employee of a PR firm in Seoul surnamed Im has been interested in losing weight since she was in her teens. At 24, she hired a personal trainer and frequented the diet center 2Weeks, which provides nutritional programs to help reduce weight that include hot yoga, detox cocoons and high-frequency vibration slimming belts. Disappointed in the results, Im switched to acupressure massages and weight-loss drinks that claimed to break down fat within eight weeks.

But the body shape she desired was still not showing in the mirror; it always became "fluffier" after the slimming programs, especially around her "bulgy back and flabby arms". So in October of last year, Im decided to undergo liposuction surgery.

"I think the mini-liposuction I did was the best one so far. Of course, it was the most painful procedure and I regretted having it right after the surgery, but when I saw the results after a month, I was more than willing to go through it again", Im said.

She weighed 54 kilograms (119 pounds) when she opted for liposuction. Now she's down to 50 kilograms and within striking distance of her goal of reaching the mid-40s. At 163 centimeters tall (5 feet, 4 inches), her weight before surgery was near the average for a Korean woman. And compared to the rest of the OECD, she was still in slim company.

According to the latest report by the OECD on the Body Mass Index in 2009, Korea was the least obese among the 30 countries, with only 3.5 percent of the population with a BMI over 30, which is considered obese by the World Health Organization. The most obese nation was the United States with 34.3 percent of the population considered obese. The OECD average was 15.1 percent.

Yet a recent study conducted by the Samsung Economic Research Institute found that an almost unanimous 95 percent of Korean women believe they are in fact obese. The International Journal of Obesity in 2006 also included a study conducted by experts in epidemiology and public health at the University College London, which found that Korean women ranked first in their efforts to lose weight among the 22 OECD countries.

Experts say the desire to lose weight is especially pronounced in Korea because of the media effect on the peninsula, with K-pop stars typically portrayed with long, skinny legs and slim figures.

"These days, it is so easy to see the abnormally skinny figures of celebrities, especially girl group members and actresses on television or on the Internet", said Kwak Keum-ju, a psychology professor at Seoul National University.

"Even compared to a decade ago, female celebrities have been getting skinnier. And as they are constantly exposed to these images, young Korean women of today engage in excessive diets thinking that they are overweight. They fall into a deluded sense of shame or suffer from an inferiority complex and become obsessed with losing weight".

Whenever Im looks at female celebrities with skinny waists and long arms and legs, she says she "always feels fat".

A photo of popular Hallyu group Girls' Generation JoongAng Ilbo

"When I look at the pictures of actresses on the Internet, all of them are around 45 kilograms. I think that's the ideal weight", she said.

Lee Hye-min, a 25-year-old university student in Seoul, agrees.

"My boyfriend thinks I'm 49 kilograms, but I actually weigh 53 kilograms", she said. "Men are so exposed to girl group members or actresses saying their weight is around 45 kilograms, I feel like I'm too fat to say that I weigh over 50".

A recent survey conducted by Korean matchmaking firm Gayeon and online dating site Antisingle revealed that Korean men believe the average weight of Korean women should be between 45 kilograms and 50 kilograms.

It's not difficult to see girl groups or actresses with so-called S-line or sculpturesque figures walking down the streets of Seoul. Portal sites are filled with articles and pictures either praising actresses and female singers or chiding their weight gain with headlines like "Actress Song Hye-kyo losing image with her pudgier thighs", or "Health-girl Lee Hee-kyung, is that a yo-yo effect?"

Last summer, the aforementioned Lee Hee-kyung, 27, started a segment called "Health Girl" for the popular KBS 2TV show "Gag Concert" with Kwon Mi-jin, 22. The two comedians, who respectively weighed in at 86 and 102 kilograms, shed pounds on the show by subjecting themselves to bizarre exercises and flagrant diet regimes. When the show finished in November, Lee surprised viewers by revealing herself at a svelte 54 kilograms.

But recently, Internet celebrity news sites have been posting seething articles about Lee, who may have gained one or two kilograms of late, making fun of the comedian and suggesting she go back to her routine on the reality show.

Some Netizens came to her defense, arguing that she "only looks puffed up because she's wearing a white jacket", while others insisted she may have to come back to do another run of "Health Girl".

Whether or not Lee gained a few kilograms, it's clear that celebrities in Korea are the targets of profound scrutiny when it comes to weight watching.

"I feel that the media is creating an atmosphere in which having love handles or bulges around the bra line is a sin or something to be accused of", said Park Jeong-ah, 29. "Even though I think this way, I feel like I'm so fat".

Actress Ko So-young, who gave birth to a son in October 2010, was one of the actresses who was quick to get back to her slim physique after pregnancy. When she recently came back to the small screen, headlines such as "Ko So-young, is she really a mother?" or "Even after giving birth, maintaining such a line is fundamental", have been making mothers with infants breathe out a deep sigh of resignation.

"It's not that I don't try to control what I eat or try to exercise. But it's impossible to go back to my initial weight or get the lines back", said Hwang Mi-jin, 32, who gave birth to her first daughter in March.

"Although I try to comfort myself thinking that those mothers like Ko So-young are actresses with lots of money who can do anything to get their bodies back after birth, I feel like a fat cow who won't be loved by her husband anymore".

The pressure can become so great that women turn to medical procedures or treatments to slim down as quickly as possible. The country's largest obesity clinic, 365mc, which has 27 branches throughout the country, has been seeing a rapid increase in patients as swimsuit season is just around the corner.

According to the clinic, it has treated a total of 2.18 million patients as of May.

Im, who is one of the two million people who received treatment at 365mc, said she wanted to receive body sculpting treatments rather than the mini-liposuction. But after an analysis by the 3-D body-type measurement system, she was told that she would get "faster results" by receiving liposuction on the two body parts she wished to trim down, as there was enough fat to receive the surgery.

"Although I wasn't thinking of receiving liposuction, I decided to do it as it would give me faster results and the clinic provides after-care services to speed up the recovery, which is what people really need", said Im. For the past six years, Im had spent 10 million won ($8,500) to drop one size down.

However, experts have voiced concern about the numerous obesity and plastic surgery clinics across the country, as unauthorized ones could risk the lives of patients.

"When Botox injection was first introduced in Korea, there were so many unauthorized clinics that performed this procedure, which ended up ruining many Korean women's lives with the side effects", said Kim Sung-rae, a professor of family medicine at the Kangbuk Samsung Medical Center and an expert in obesity.

"I think the same thing is happening in the obesity treatment industry, not to mention the dangers of chemical dietary products and abuse of appetite suppressant pills".

When the Korea JoongAng Daily visited one of the 365mc clinics in Sinsa-dong, southern Seoul, on a Friday evening, the waiting room was packed with young women.

"I can't believe I gained 1 kilogram within a week. I'm so fat now, I feel miserable", said one woman in her mid-20s who was told to step onto the scale to measure her weight before her regular treatment.

"It must be that beer I drank on Wednesday. I can't believe I'm 51".

GOT7 To Continue amongst “Fly In Seoul” Concerts With Simplest Six Members; JB Not able To Perform

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GOT7 To Continue amongst “Fly In Seoul” Concerts With Simplest Six Members; JB Not able To Perform

GOT7 To Continue alongside Fly In Seoul Concerts With Simplest Six Members; JB Not ableTo accomplish crystalcove April 28, 2016 0 Previously, we reported that GOT7s JB could also be unable to perform at the teams upcoming concerts because of his back problem, yet now it's milesshowed that he will be sitting out.

Earlier it used to be reported that JB felt anythingchanged into wrong with his back whilst practicing for GOT7s concert and headed to the hospital. It was diagnosed that there has beena difficulty with his spinal disc. JYP Entertainment made up our mindsto take a seat out JB from GOT7′s functionality on today’s “M!Countdown and trackthe locationto peer if his back damage volitionimpact his attendance at the groups  “Fly In Seoul 2016″ concerts going down on April 29 and 30.

Now JYP confirms that duringattention of JBs health, it was made a decision that he would now not perform at the concerts, and the concerts will cross on with only six members of the group. It also mentioned that it's going topaintingsnot easyto be sure JB recovers quickly. JYP also isproviding refunds to folks who are returning tickets because of the this news.

Who Are The Stars The “Law of the Jungle” Wish to Invite Back?

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Who Are The Stars The “Law of the Jungle” Wish to Invite Back?

Who Are The Stars The “Law of the Jungle” Would like to Invite Back?boxclub April 28, 2016 0 SBS formdisplay “Law of the Jungle” has shown its status equally a long-running staple on air, assembly alongsideaudience for the beyond six years since 2011. With current tribe is in Tonga, the prove is on its 24th expedition with over 130 forgedindividuals joining Kim Byung Guyall through the years as he explores the wild. They'veto discover their food in the wild, build their own lodging, and regardless ofthosetricky conditions, they also are ready to revel inthe liberty that comes from escaping the townexistence as they've got to depend oneach and every other and increasesturdy teamwork. It ends up in a preferenceto pass back back to the jungle after each episode.

We asked the 2 men who are leading the show, PD Kim Jin Ho and PD Park Joong Won about the five celebrities that they would like to big nameat the bear witness again. After much deliberation, the five stars they named are Lee Sung Jae, SEO In Guk, Choo Sung Hoon, Jung Suk Won, and Park Han Byul. Here are their reasons why.

Lee Sung Jae was once on the show ultimate March tillMight on the Indochina season. He showed a facet of him other from the serious symbol he supplies off in his dramas – a funny, lighthearted facet that made the viewers laugh. He starred on the show with his drama co-star Seo In Guk which also showed off their improbable teamwork and friendship as well. Lee Sung Jae also showed his wonderfulhobbyto head fishing as he leaped into the sea find fish. He at all times participated wholeheartedly in the missions and shaped tight relationships with his team members.

QUIZ: Which “Reply” Series Feminine Persona Are You?

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QUIZ: Which “Reply” Series Feminine  Persona Are You?

QUIZ: Which Answer serialFemininePersona Are You?amycwang93 April 28, 2016 0 Enthusiasts of the answer series know that even supposing the mystery husband is important, the sturdygirls are what empower audience and also what helps to keep USA entertained. Take this quiz to determine which female character you're from the loved series!

Who did you get? Let us know in the comments below!amycwang93 loves singing, dancing, and reading. When she isn't imagining actingalong BTS, she spends her time running so she can make cash and seek suggestion from her idols!

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Today's Photo: April 28, 2016 2

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Ko Soo andJin Se-yeon poses at a press junket for her new Television series in Seoul on Wednesday.

AOA Confims Mid-May Comeback

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AOA Confims Mid-May Comeback

AOA Confims Mid-May Comebackcrystalcove April 28, 2016 0 AOA is determinedto pass back amongst a new mini album in a couple of weeks!

It has been 11 months since their final release, Middle Attack, and because then the individualswere busy with particular person activities and Jap promotions for their fourth single, Give Me Love. The unmarried ranked no.1 for day via day unmarried sales at the Oricon chart on April 24.

SM STATION’s Next Unencumber To Be A Heavy Steel Song

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SM STATION’s Next Unencumber To Be A Heavy Steel Song

SM STATIONs Next Free up To Be A Heavy Steel Songmcheller April 28, 2016 0 On April 28, SM Entertainment will unveil every other new song on their virtualtrack channel “STATION.”

At middle of the night on April 28, the heavy metal song, “MINDJACK,” from instrumental modern metal band, Inlayer, may be released on “STATION” in additionparticular person music sites. At the similar time, the music video will be published on SM TOWN’s YouTube channel, Naver Television Casting, and more, offering more exposure for the song to a greater audience.

Inlayer, led by way of guitarist Yang Jin Hyun, gainedpopularity as a skilled rookie band ultimate year when they released their first EP, “Sequence.” Their new song “MINDJACK” sticks out alongside rhythmical bass and drums accompanied with sharp and showy guitar riffs.

Song Joong Ki Receives Private Safety Force At Hong Kong Airport

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Song Joong Ki Receives Private  Safety Force At Hong Kong Airport

Song Joong Ki Receives PrivateSafety draw At Hong Kong Airportmcheller April 28, 2016 0 Actor Song Joong Ki’s special security at Hong Kong airport has develop intoa matter matter among fans.

More than the rest else, your eyes are interested in the guards circling him with hands clasped, in addition the crowd of folks surrounding them. Its no longera fullyabnormal sight for noted celebrities to gainedone of these protection, yet it does implywhat type of frenzy individualsbe expecting for highly sought-after celebrities.

With the hotapproval for KBS2’s drama “Descendants of the Sun,” Song Joong Ki has been receiving a massive number of love, and with greaterfame comes increased danger.

Will “Running Man” Parody “Descendants Of The Sun” In Next Episode?

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Will “Running Man” Parody “Descendants Of The Sun” In Next Episode?

Will Running Guy Parody Descendants Of The Sun In Next Episode?mcheller April 28, 2016 0 An affectionate image of Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Jong Kook has been revealed.

On April 28, Running Man uploaded the photo to their reliable Instagram with the caption: “At the scene of the filming of Running Man: After Sundown Race. Kook-Soo Couple.”

In the photo you'll be ready to see the warm image of  Kim Jong Kook clutching Lee Kwang Soo’s arm. Seeing Lee Kwang Soo in an army uniform with Kim Jong Kook stuck rapid to his facet is indubitably memorable. No longer to mention, it’s harking back to the Song-Song couple in “Descendants of the Sun.”

Jung Joon Ha Kept “Show Me The money 5” Effects Secret From His Own Family

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Jung Joon Ha Kept “Show Me The money 5” Effects Secret From His Own Family

Jung Joon Ha Kept “Show Me The cash 5” Effects underground From His Own Circle of relatives notclaira April 28, 2016 0 Comic Jung Joon Ha, who is an ordinary member of MBC’s “Infinite Challenge,” currently took at the challenge of auditioning for rap survival program “Show Me the Money 5.”

“You’ll have to test the broadcast on Would possibly 13,” he stated firmly. “I haven’t even told my wife. I can bein a position to say that I used to bestunnedby way ofthe implications and I worked hard.”

“After ‘Show Me the Money’ ended, I had such so much of overwhelming feelings,” he said. “I consideredthe entire suffering I’d endured. I hadn’t even been capable of sleep. Honestly, I was once just depressed. After the recording become over, I must accept rested, yet ane kept thinking, ‘How do I do this? What lyrics should always I write?’”

Antifans terrorize Lovelyz’s “A New Trilogy” album rating

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Antifans terrorize Lovelyz’s “A New Trilogy” album rating

But after looking toconcentrate to the album thru online songwebsite Melon, fans spotted that for some reason, the album simplest has a 3.2 out of five rating, which is relatively low. Upon extra research, many saw that TWICE and SEVENTEEN, who also released their new albums at the same date, also suffered from low ratings as well. With such evidence, netizens suspected that the albums are all being rated poorly because of antifans giving albums low ratings without paying attention to the songs, explaining why there were such so much of low ratings so soon after the albums were officially released.

Koreaboo has accumulated reactions from Netizens who commented on the customary article from our Korean source. The under comments are the maximumneatly liked comments at the time of this article being published.

54, 7 Friggin hate score sabotages..Its now not only LOVELYZ but the alternative two teams too.ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ a minimum of LISTEN to the songs earlier than you rate them ㅠㅠㅠ please