"GongMyoung" Thrilled Audience on Weekend

Hundreds of Fans Massed to Mark Its 15th Anniversary

By Jimmy Kim, Staff Writer

"GongMyoung" stages concert of traditional, modern music by creative instruments.

The National Theater of Korea played host to "GongMyoung", the global performing music Group from May, 13 to 14, 2012, in a thrilling performance that kept the audience spell bound from start to finish.

Combining traditional and modern instruments, every dying second and minute was important to watch as the audience watched with anxiety the close to 5 hours performance with few interruptions on each days performance.

Cheers and applause echoed from every angle in the mighty theater as the soul searching and emotional sounds were performed in a melange natural background like the valleys, mountains, forest, the sea, and clouds, among others. This unique background sent across a special message of nature and its beauty, and it caught the attention of all and sundry.

The songs performed included, Treasure Island with a feeling of treasures, War and Peace, High Speed Movement, Sunflower, Performance Rain, Dream, Bamboo Flower, WalkAbout, Spring, among others.

The most interesting and spectacular aspect of the GongMyoung Group is the multitalented and creative nature of its members. They shuttle from one instrument to another at given intervals without destabilizing the smooth flow of the musical rhythm.

Some instruments like the flute and gong were fabricated on stage and used at the same time to the amazement of fans who spared no energy applauding the four men, four color, , as they are often called.

The performance portrayed a strong sense of Korean history, and a group of people determined to build their own lives and keep the relics of the past intact, in a world where cultures are fast disappearing in favor of globalization.

Spectators could not hide their feelings after the performance;

Kim, an elementary school pupil said this group is so special to me because I enjoyed their performance from start to finish. I was not bored even for a second".

Mr Choi remarked, I have watched this group perform in several occasions, but each time I watch them it sounds like the first time because they are always so talented.

What impressed me the most is the multitalented and creative aspect of the group, I have become inspired to create something when I go back to my country, Brandon from Canada .

Mrs. Mary, from the Netherlands said, after watching the performance, i discovered that we can use anything around us to become famous if were are determined to do so.

GongMyoung in Korean language translated in English means, resonation. GongMyoung, has been introduced into text books in the elementary school. Recently, the Korean Culture and Arts Centers Association accredited GongMyoung as a model performing arts group, following its contribution to low income or needy people.

Their musical mix is quite comfortable to watch and enjoy. Although it has a background of Korean music life and history, the group has expanded its music and there is no limit to watch and enjoy their performance no matter ones origin.

GongMyoung Group has been hailed as the Ambassadors of traditional Korean Music at home and in international festivals.

Created in 1997, they began their major debut in 2001.Since then; the Group has made Koreans proud at home and in the Diaspora. In 2001, they took part in the Singapore Art Festival and the Pina Bausch Festival in Germany . In 2003, they participated in the Sydney Festival in Australia , and the Drama Lady Macbeth Poland Kontakt Festival in Poland . In 2007, they visited the US and they also participated in the Vancouver Festival in Canada . In 2009, they visited several European countries.

The concert was sponsored by Arts Council Korea, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the National Theater of Korea.