Baek Ji Young jokes about her past appearance

Singer Baek Ji Young revealed her thoughts about her appearance back in high school. On June 1st, Baek Ji Young revealed her high school graduation picture on SBS’ ‘Go Show‘

Baek Ji Young jokes about her past appearance

Singer  revealed her thoughts about her appearance back in high school.

On June 1st, Baek revealed her high school graduation on SBS Go Show‘. When MC Yoon Jong Shin carefully asked about her changed appearance, Baek Ji Young answered rather nonchalantly about her aesthetics showing her sense of humor.

When Jung Hyung Don asked, “That child (referring to Baek Ji Young’s high school photo) was also beautiful right?“, Baek Ji Young answered, “I don’t think so. That girl’s looks are really unspeakable.“ She joked, “I sometimes think, ‘what will happen if I have a daughter like that.’

As the singer has been honest in the about getting some work done, the MCs asked when her appearance was completed. She brought laughter once again as she answered honestly, “I think it was when I was 28. That’s when I met a really good doctor“.

Source & Photo: Nate

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