KBS "Music Bank" - June 1, 2012

KBS Music Bank - June 1, 2012Winners of this weeks K-chart was Infinite with The Chaser, beating out Baek Ji Youngs song Good Boy. When holding their Thank You-speech most of the members (starting with Woo Hyun) broke into tears because they were so happy. Congratulations Infinite!

Todays impressive comeback stage had performances by TEEN TOP with Baby U and supercatchy new song To You. The sexy Heo Young Saeng performed the songs Intimidated and Crying, while MYNAME sang the emotional song Hello and Goodbye. M.I.B showcased the heartbreaking ballad Its Only Hard For Me.

Today was also MC Lee Jang Woos 26th (international age) birthday which had fellow MC UEE singing korean Happy Birthday to you to him at the beginning of the show.

Other performances this evening was by new school sound group JJ Project, A Pink, B1A4, Dalmatian, B.A.P,  TaeTiSeo, Hello Venus, G.NA,  GangKiz, 7,9,4,2 and many more!

Next weeks show will feature Wonder Girls and Dal Shabets comeback!

Enjoy the performances below. Congratulations once again to INFINITE!

Infinite Winning K-Chart

InfiniteThe Chaser

Teen TopBaby U + To You

Heo Young SaengIntimidated and Crying

JJ ProjectBounce


A PinkHush


B1A4Baby Good Night


Hello VenusVenus


MYNAMEHello and Goodbye

7,9,4,2Ill be famous

GangKizHoney Honey

Baek Ji Young + Infinite Backstage

Wondergirls Comeback Next Week

Dal Shabet Comeback Next Week