[Exclusive] Big Bang "Bingle Bingle" Review

“Bingle Bingle” Composed by: Teddy, G-Dragon, Seo Won Jin Written by: G-Dragon Arranged by: Teddy, Seo Won Jin Additional Rap Written by T

[Exclusive] Big Bang "Bingle Bingle" Review

Bingle Bingle

Composed by: Teddy, , Seo Won Jin

Written by: G-Dragon

Arranged by: Teddy, Seo Won Jin

Additional Rap Written by

“Bingle Bingle” is the other freshly new song besides the title song “Monster.” The two contrast in that “Monster” is very moody and “Bingle Bingle” is a refreshing summer song. “Bingle Bingle” is an upbeat song that people can party and dance the night away to.

The sound is very playful because it contains electronic guitar riffs and other electronic sounds that are reminiscent of Katy Perry or Daft Punk songs. These sounds are electronic but give a retro feel to the song. Due to the electronic guitar riffs, it appears that G-Dragon is experimenting and trying out new sounds. The chorus of the song is once again very addicting and simple.

The playful background music is juxtaposed with the painful lyrics. A guy is stuck in a relationship where he isn’t considered an “ lover.” The song is the protagonist’s plea to his lover to take the next step in the relationship instead of making him go around in circles.

T.O.P and G-Dragon’s rap is very different in this song. The two sound demanding and powerful, due to the mixed use of a megaphone and auto tune. While the other members such as Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri sound very playful with their vocals, despite the fact that they are singing about having headaches and being heartbroken.

[Exclusive] Big Bang "Bingle Bingle" Review

what does Bingle mean in Korean
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