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Dark Knight Rises wallpaper - Batman

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2PM Chansung Expresses Dark Feelings About Sewol Ferry Disaster
Group 2PM Chansung revealed a self-camera picture taken during concert rehearsal. (Photo : twitter) With the entire nation of South Korea focused on the ongoing search and rescue efforts of Wednesday"s tragic Sewol Ferry incident, new evidence is coming into light that has upset many. Among the outspoken is idol group 2PM"s Chansung. Over the years, Chansung has become somewhat well-known for his no-holds social commentary and voicing his opinions freely through his personal Twitter account...
miss A Suzy, Black Hair And Dark Red Lips 'Alluring Beauty'
miss A"s member Suzy greeted her Chinese fans with a self-camera photo. (Photo : weibo) miss A"s member Suzy greeted her Chinese fans with a self-camera photo. Today, Suzy posted on her Weibo, "I love you all" and "Fighting" along with a photo. In the picture, Suzy was wearing a striped shirt and had her signature black straight hair down. She had dark red lipstick on and wore a big cross earring, showing off her alluring beauty...
K-Pop Angelic and Dark Angels
If angels, good or bad, came down to earth and you had your choice of K-Pop star angels, who would they be and why? Here are 7 stars as dark and good angels! JaeJoong wasn"t a vampire angel in his "MINE" mv. Rain made a hot angel on the cover of his album Rain"s World. Sunghak as an adorable angel. Jongup in B.A.P"s angel themed comeback. No one ever said angels were all good. VIXX members as dark angels, makes me want to be a dark angel...
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