IU Speaks Out On Her Airport Fashion “Fans Asked Me How Much The Rag Cost”

iu, strong heart, airport fashion IU Speaks Out On Her Airport Fashion "Fans Asked Me How Much The Rag Cost" Singer IU spoke out on her airport fashion

iu, strong heart,

IU Speaks Out On Her Airport Fashion " Asked Me How Much The Rag Cost"

Singer IU spoke out on her airport fashion.

On May 29 broadcast of ‘Strong Heart,’ IU made her appearance on the show and opened up about how she started caring about her airport fashion because of what the fans were saying.

IU commented “While I was chatting with fans online, one of my fans asked, ‘How much did the rag you wore yesterday cost?’” Revealing that her fans are usually really honest about everything.

To this, she had told her fans “I will show you what celebrity looks like.” The next day she had to leave for Korea from again, so she went shopping. She stated “Because so many fans were there I was a bit nervous, but I walked confidently.”

IU revealed “I really paid attention to everything I was wearing as a ‘celebrity’ but I was upset when people commented on articles saying ‘Is that what you call caring?’”

Photo: SBS

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