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Hello, our new drama I Do, I Do will start at 21:55 KST.

Episode starts with the appearance of Ji An. She raced down the stairs. Where is she going??

Haha, Tae Kang's father brings Tae Kang to dong office! His father wants to have Tae Kang's name removed from the family register ! Why??

Because Tae Kang buys a brandnew motorcycle with father's money. Hehe

OMG ! Ji An almost got hit by Tae Kang's motocycle ! Tae Kang thinks that Ji An try to an insurance fraud. He calls Jian "AJumMa" lol Hahaha his motocycle's nickname is "Beyonce" lol

She suggested, if Tae Kang takes her to the fashion show, she will pay for the repairs of his motocycle.

Oh, there was a size mistake for shoes. It's for opening show. But Ji An takes a tact! People in charge of the fashion show refused to confirm her alternative.. However, we know, our Ji An! She wins and finishs the show successfully !

Where is she going again? She calls to her mom. Oh no, today is her father's 70th birthday ! Because she runs out from the party, it makes her father enrage.... She goes to the train station with Tae Kang. But her father is disappointed too much..T_T He gives her back a bankbook. She gives his parents a monthly gift. But her father doesn't want money. He wants to see his daughter frequently... She was sooo busy because of her work. :( OMG her father says to her, "Do you want me to have your name deleted from the family register?" And he leaves Seoul.

Bad son and bad daughter ! Hehe They comfort each other with alcohol. Oh, server thinks that Ji An and Tae Kang look same age.

They drink too much. Ji An said, "You are too young. Go to your mother" But, Tae Kang doesn't leave with his mother...They are plastered. Tae Kang trys to send her home in a taxi. But she leaves in ChungNam Gongju. So far from Seoul!

It rains. Tae Kang doesn't leave her alone. They drink again and again. Hehe

Omggggg They slept together...._ !!!!!

She said, "I drank so much and passed out last night." Tae Kang said, "Me,too.."

Ji An said, "If we leave here together, it seems weird. So please go first." Hehehe she throws Tae Kang'

Tae Kang's friend asks to Tae Kang, "Where did you sleep yesterday? Your father called me all night!" Ohhhhh Ji An is his first woman _

Because of imitation, Ji An feels unpleasant. She argues with a customer. For her, shoes are priceless!

Oh no, Tae Kang sells imitation shoes. His father makes the shoes. Oh! His friend brings a book. It's Ji An's autobiography. In fact, she is the best in the shoe industry!

Oh, Ji An plans to crack down imitation shoes!

Is Ji An sick? She gets a call from hospital. She said, "I am too busy.." But doctor said, " You go through menopause in 1 or 2 years." OMG..

She meets her friend, She is divorcee and seems to have many boyfriend. So different with Ji

Ji An gets a call from her mother. For his father, she sees a man with a view to marriage. LOL He said, "My mommy said.." again and again. What a mama's boy! Then, she said," Oh, you are an obstetrician. You know well. I am goingthrough menopause in 1 or 2 years." In fact, he and she are bachelor. Hehe He pretends to a mama's boy!_

But it seems that he is interested in her.

In night, When Tae Kang was coming out of the corner, he and a woman bumped into each other really hard. And THE WOMAN is Ji An ! OMG ! He runs away!

END ! How was the drama? Was it fun? I'll make additional cards with screenshots _ See you tomorrow !

Fans Loving Rainbow Hyunyoung’s Tanktop On Stage

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While the DSP Media singer has donned many sexy level outfits in the past, however, fans were amazed when she took the stage dressed ina gorgeous tank peak covered only by a denim jacket. And as a treat to fans, Hyunyoung even took the jacket partly off all over her teams performance, appearing off her athletic frame and well-endowed chest.

Dana and Director Lee Ho Jae Open Up About Their Relationship

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Dana and Director Lee Ho Jae Open Up About Their Relationship

Dana and Director Lee Ho Jae Open Up About Their Courting leonid Might 6, 2016 0 The Graces Dana and director Lee Ho Jae are such an adorable couple!

On Could 5, Lee Ho Jae printed in an interview that he fell in love with the singer in the beginning sight. He adds, Shes a friend-like lover I would like to spend the remainder of my existence with.

The couple also uploaded images from their dates, adding a black-and-white shot of the pair watching at every other, a picture of them walking a dog, and a photo of Lee Ho Jae heavily watching the singers face as she smiles at the camera.

Go Soo Visits Health center Because of Fatigue

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Go Soo Visits Health center  Because of Fatigue

Go Soo Visits ClinicBecause of Fatigueleonid Might 6, 2016 0 Actor Pass Soos busy agendaisn't without its consequences.

The actor felt in deficient health and went to a hospital in quest ofclinical attention on Could 6. Consequently, he was oncenot ableto wait the scheduled script reading for ongoing MBC drama “The Flower in Prison” and the 13th Green Movie Festival in Seoul.

Representatives from his firm state, Go Soo advancedfitnessissues due to accumulated fatigue. They provide an explanation for that his exhaustion increased since the actor filmed two videos back to back earlier thanstraight away joining a drama.

Super Junior’s Kangin Confesses He Doesn’t Like Dancing On “Hitmaker”

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Super Junior’s Kangin Confesses He Doesn’t Like Dancing On “Hitmaker”

Super Juniors Kangin Confesses He Doesnt Like Dancing On Hitmakerorionight Might 6, 2016 0 For an idol who celebrated his group’s 10th anniversary remaining year, Tremendous Junior’s Kangin makes a startling confession: he hates dancing!

On the Could 6 premiere of JTBC’s new display “Hitmaker,” Kangin, 2AM’s Jinwoon, Jung Joon Young, and fashion Lee Chul Woo all take a glance at their hand in a new sports process called recreation hock.

In order to organize for sport hock, Kangin is goingthru a rhythm test. Unfortunately, he utterly embarrasses himself, not able to stay time even with his own group’s song.

Ahn Jae Hyun Unearths How He Proposed To Ku Hye Sun

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Ahn Jae Hyun Unearths How He Proposed To Ku Hye Sun

While track plays in the background, the couple cant assistyet giggle when they reputedly glance at every other. When his Ahn Jae Hyun comments, So pretty, whilst moving closer. Meanwhile, Ku Hye Sun asks, Does it glance alright? Are you taking a video? The satisfiedenvironment surrounding the 2 lovebirds is clear even in the type of curt video.

The pleased couple used to beshowed to be dating back in March, and printed their engagement a month later. They may bepreservinga personal wedding rite on May possibly 21.

Rapper i11evn Printed To Be The Former Idol Facing Drug Charges

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Rapper i11evn Printed To Be The Former Idol Facing Drug Charges

It used to be revealed on Could 6 that the 29-year-old hip-hop artist i11evn (real call Choi Ik Je) changed into charged with smuggling around 20 grams of marijuana from out of the countryduring the mail. In line with investigators, i11evn receivedthe medication from a website online back in November 2015. The rapper reportedly went via an elaborate procedureso as to keep away from getting stuck by authorities, adding paying with the virtual currency Bitcoin instead of amongst a credits card.

TWICE, Akdong Musician, And Overwhelm Combat For Most sensible Spot On Song Charts

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TWICE, Akdong Musician, And Overwhelm  Combat For Most sensible Spot On Song Charts

TWICE, Akdong Musician, And OverwhelmCombat For Best Spot On Track Chartsboxclub Might 6, 2016 0 Artists from some of Korea’s top firms are struggling with it out for the reigning spot at the music charts.

TWICE released their identify track “CHEER UP” on April 25, and maintained their top spot on the charts for over ten days. However, Akdong Musician’s “RE-BYE,” which was once released on Could 4, soon took over first place.

However, Crush’s new mini album “Interlude,” which become released at 12 p.m. KST on May also 6, replaced the charts once again. His title track track “Woo Ah” has been quickly rising during the ranks, vying for the #1 topographic point as well.

Spoiler Added episode 15 captures for the Korean drama 'Goodbye Mr. Black'

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Added episode 15 captures for the Korean drama "Goodbye Mr. Black" (2016)Directed via Han Heui, Kim Seong-wook-IWritten by Moon Hee-jeongNetwork : MBCWith Lee Jin-wook, Moon Chae-won, Kim Kang-woo, Song Jae-rim, Yoo In-yeong, Lee Won-jong,...16 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00SynopsisThis drama, encouraged by The Count of Monte Cristo, is ready a man, who is betrayed by his friend and takes revenge.It's an adaptation of a comedian book.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/03/16

After Hit Television Soap, Song Joong-ki Is Highly Sought-After

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Actor Song Joong-ki has turn out to be a highly sought-after model, acting in about a dozen commercials. "Thanks to the largeluck of his freshTelevision series 'Descendants of the Sun', Song, who already has a wide spectrum of fans, has grown even more popular. There is intense festival among advertisers to safe endorsement deals with him", acknowledged an advertising and marketingcorporate staffer.

"Most importantly, all of the goods Song advertises have noticed an building up in sales, without exception", said a staffer at any other company.Song is recently taking a damage from acting whilstgetting ready to paintings on his next project, yet the rush of ad endorsements helps to keep him busy.

Jo Se Ho and Cao Lu Have Classic Chinese Wedding On “We Were given Married”

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Jo Se Ho and Cao Lu Have Classic Chinese Wedding On “We Were given Married”

Jo Se Ho and Cao Lu Have Classic Chinese Wedding On We Were given MarriedJiwonYu Might 6, 2016 0 Jo Se Ho could bemaintaininga standard Chinese wedding with Cao Lu at the next episode of We Got Married.

In the preview stills that were publishedforward of the air date, Jo Se Ho and Cao Lu are noticeddressed in traditional garments and taking a look happier than ever.

According to the staff, Jo Se Ho will have to headvia3other stages to end up his love to Cao Lu and marry her. He'll exist drinking up to the elders give him or even sing and dance, shouting Wo ai Cao Lu (I love Cao Lu)!