Create Your Eco-Friendly Virtual Dream Home with LG

Create Your Eco-Friendly Virtual Dream Home with LG

Create Your Eco-Friendly Virtual Dream Home with LG

Like most kids who grew up playing house, I can talk about my virtual dream house forever. It will have a garden filled with roses and bamboo (weird combination I know), have a massive 3D television, a robot that does my laundry and cooking I still daydream like this from time to time.

Thankfully, LG Electronics read my mind and started a special campaign to better connect with customers around the world. Its digital interactive campaign on Facebook, called My Eco Home, allows Facebook fans around the globe to not only create but share their own virtual dream house with friends.

Create Your Eco-Friendly Virtual Dream Home with LG

You might think you've seen similar apps but My Eco Home doesn't stop at creating a virtual dream house. The company's smart marketing strategy is hidden! When you play the game you'll be introduced to LG's five core technologies that focus on helping make the world greener.

Additionally, while there might have been similar games in the past, this is the first app that lets you design a virtual house with detailed appliances and energy saving functions. For example, you can choose an interior theme like the rather tame Antique or something more exotic like Modern and Zen. Changing the theme also shows you how much energy is saved or lost on LG's Eco Index (a thermometer-like index shown in the image below).

It's a lot of fun to go through the process of creating a beautiful house that is also very eco-friendly. In the end, you can invite your friends for a house party as well!

If you would like to try as well, please visit the My LG Eco Home website!

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