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GOT7 are cool guys for Arena Homme+

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GOT7 are cool guys for Arena Homme+

GOT7 show off their charm for the newest factor of Arena Homme+ magazine, take a glance at their photoshoot here

VOTE! Young Guys or Mature Men: Which K-Pop Idols Do horny Better?

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VOTE! Young Guys or Mature Men: Which K-Pop Idols Do Sexy Better? Let’s get down to business, Soompiers. It’s time to discuss one of the sexiest guys in the market in the K-pop world!

Back in the day, there weren’t as many K-pop teams in the industry and their careers didn’t remaining as long either. Now, however, we have got a big variety of artists and bands. Some of them have just debuted and a few groups have participants who are 16 years old! Others, like Shinhwa, had been going sturdy for 15 years and are even warmer now than when they debuted.

What does all of this mean for me and you, expensive readers? In short, it approach there's a large K-pop ocean stuffed with a huge number of beautiful guys! There also are some super beautiful ones, adorable ones, or even some incredibly hot ones. Others are handsome, and others are more classically good-looking. Some are so lovely you simply would like to adopt them and lift them for life. Others are super manly and feature chiseled, amazing builds. When it comes down to it however, which of them are sexier?

We all know the adaptation right? There may be a shockingly good-looking guy on your favourite group, yet there is any person else who is undoubtedly the sexiest member. Whenever you glance it up in a dictionary, the definition of sexiness comprises a number of words like “allure, appeal, charm, confidence, drawing power, suggestiveness, magnetism, pull, and attractiveness.” realize now? Sexiness isn’t about the maximum handsome face, the most gorgeous body, or maybe the most up to date flower boy out there. It’s in the style they move, they way they talk, they way they appearance at you, and even in their self belief when they walk.

The query remains however, who does “sexy” better? Do you prefer some of the truly gorgeous, young singers and artists? Or do you prefer someone who is just a little older, with that hint of worldliness and adulthood that many more youthful singers still lack?

We’ve stacked idols from rookie groups (or a minimum of ones 25-years-old and younger) opposed to older artists or ones from senior groups. Let’s attempt to leave our biases and prejudices at the back of and consider those men objectively to resolve who has the most sex appeal. It’s a troublesome job, Soompiers, but responsibility calls. Let’s vote now and come to a decision once and for all,“Young Guys or Mature Men: Which Idols Do Sexy Better?” 

Jackson of GOT7 and Nichkhun of 2PM J.A.C.S. J.A.C.S.

Wonho of Monsta X and Yunho of TVXQ likaria likaria

Kai of EXO and Kim Hyun Joong SMTOWN SMTOWN

Minhyuk of BTOB and Eunhyuk of Super Junior mens-health-btob-minhyuk-4 Men’s Health

Minho of SHINee and Eric of Shinhwa Cosmopolitan Cosmopolitan

Gongchan of B1A4 and Jung Yong Hwa of CNBLUE gongchan

Lee Hong Ki of FTISLAND and Hwanhee of Fly to the Sky MCountdown M!Countdown

Mingyu of Seventeen and Lee Joon  드리민규 드리민규

Jimin of BTS and Taeyang of BIGBANG Soompi Big Hit

Hongbin of VIXX and Doojoon of BEAST Jellyfish Ent. Jellyfish Ent.

Mino of Winner and Heechul of Super Junior mino YG

Jinwoon of 2AM and Rain jungjinwoon JYP Ent.

Eli of U-KISS and Park Jung Min NH Media NH Media

Bobby of IKON and Jaejoong of JYJ YG YG

L of Countless and T.O.P of BIGBANG fanpop fanpop

Did the effects marvel you? Were your reviews very other from the other participants or fairly much the same? Overall, do you appear to prefer young guys or more mature men? Are your tastes in K-pop men various from your tastes in genuine life? Let us know in the remark segment below! thank you for participating!

lee1086 is a Soompi writer who lives for music, gambling the piano, and Eunsihae. Aside from her love for Super Junior, she could also be partial to 3rd Wave Music, BIGBANG, EXO, SHINEE, BTS, and more. When she is not watching the most recent K-drama or obsessing over the perfection of Lee Donghae, she is busy at church or placing out with her circle of relatives and friends.

Kim Yoo-jeong melts guys with her maturity

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Kim Yoo-jeong melts guys with her maturity

Actress Kim Yoo-jeong is posing earlier than an interview in Seoul at the 15th.

She"s starring in the film "Circle of Atonement" which is ready a detective named Sang-won (Seong Dong-il) who captured a serial killer yet raised the killer"s daughter for 10 years till one day, a guy with secrets Cheol-woong (Son Ho-joon) seems in front of them.

The motion picture got here out on the 15th.

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Upcoming Korean-Chinese film 'Bad Guys at all times Die'

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Upcoming Korean-Chinese film 'Bad Guys at all times Die'

Added the impending Korean-Chinese film "Bad Guys at all times Die""s page to HanCinema database"Bad Guys Continuously Die" (2015)Directed through Hao SunWith Son Ye-jin, Chen Bolin, Shin Hyeon-joon, Qiao Zhenyu, Jang Gwang, Park Cheol-min...SynopsisA upcoming Korean-Chinese collaborated comical action movie. 4 buddies talk over with Jeju Island and witness an subconscious lady from an accident. they are attempting to lend a hand her yet finally finish up getting concerned with a gun combat and the four split up. The mystery stuffed with betrayal, kisnap and false impression of identities starts now.Release date in Korea : 2015/12

The Try Guys Take On K-Drama With The Nutty Nomads In The Latest KCON BuzzFeed Video

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The Try Guys Take On K-Drama With The Nutty Nomads In The Latest KCON BuzzFeed Video

(Photo : BuzzFeed Video ) BuzzFeed"s The Try Guys discover the fantastic world of Korean drama, as they attempt to recreate iconic scenes for the latest installment of their KCON LA coverage.

In the video, the adventurous BuzzFeed troupe is joined by YouTube sensations, The Nutty Nomads. The Nutty Nomads act as guides for the tentative crew, walking them through moments from K-Dramas like "The Heirs" and "My Love from the Star."

While the segment relies on humor to reach new audiences, Dr. Suk-Young Kim, a Korean Culture Expert at University of California Santa Barbara provides commentary about the impact of drama on the Hallyu Wave.

"K-Dramas became really popular before K-pop rose to the prominence it has today," said Kim.

She went on to explain the globalization of Korean drama, "It"s interesting to see how it became a global phenomenon."

The Nutty Nomads noted the diversity of the fans who were present at KCON 2015 in Los Angeles, were the footage was filmed.

"There are K-Drama cliches that people identify with," said Kim, in response to the Try Guys question about drama tropes.

The video serves as a crash course for BuzzFeed viewers who are unfamiliar with Korean drama, but also appeals to audiences who are well versed in the genre.

What are your thoughts on the Try Guys attempt at K-Drama acting and their on-going series, which can be found on BuzzFeed Video?

Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor at KDramastars. She is also a contributing music writer at Kpopstarz, MTV Iggy and other publications. When she is not listening to "We Like 2 Party," she can be found on Twitter. (@retrogirladdy).

The check out Guys After all are trying K-pop for the primary Time

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The Are trying Guys Eventually strive K-pop for the 1st Time We all know the Try Guys, right? They’re the guys on Buzzfeed Video whose process it's far to test out loopy things, such as women’s clothes, nude modeling, or even pregnancy. For their newest video, the attempt Guys have determined to aim K-pop, and… it’s lovely awesome!

Keith, Eugene, Zach, and Ned decide upon the entire K-pop immersion experience, heading to KCON, studying some dance moves, and conferring with a Korean culture expert. yet of course, we all know K-pop fever starts with the track videos, so the guys take a seat down to glance at one of the crucial current and largest MVs. Eugene, who is Korean American and has some point of familiarity with the other groups, serves as the group’s resident K-pop expert. “I have never been more excited for a Try Guy series. As a Korean, i am getting to introduce the opposite guys to my culture.”

Let’s see what the guys thought!

Girls’ Generation’s “Party”:

“I know the first thing all of the guys are going to mention is they don’t know why there are this sort of great amount of members.”

“They’ve shown me a minimum of one thousand girls so far.”

“Is this meant to make me fall in love with them? Because it’s working.

“These guys are tougher. Like, if NSYNC saw them walking down an alley, they’d be like, ‘Oh, s**t, no, we gotta cross the other way.’”

“I concept that he used to be the maximum important guy… but now they’ve shifted positions… and now he’s the primary guy! i might be ready to see how every person may have a favorite.”

“This song is tricky af. Here is great.”

“There’s numerous butts here. Let’s be serious though.”

“We’re in a little girl’s bedroom… that’s a peculiar sentence to begin anything else with.”

“I feel uncomfortable and I don’t know what’s happening.”

“I’ve just fallen in love with them, on account of the melody they’re singing! whilst this guy doesn’t appear to be my wife… he makes me feel the style my wife makes me feel.”

“I would legitimately submit a poster of these girls in my room.”

“Early 2000s Trapper Keeper grunge vibe.”

You know, what I actually like about SISTAR is that they’re not easy some criteria of Korean good looks by way of being tan.”

BIGBANG’s “BANG BANG BANG”: You would pay attention this beat in a homosexual club at 3 a.m. And you would get TURNT!”

It’s on the whole like 8 music videos split up, where each and every user gets his own part one million greenback set.”

“This sounds like an episode of physician Who on acid.”

So what do they take into accounts K-pop so far? “I’m actually impressed. I’m speechless, really.”

“I f**king dug it. I’m going to hear these things all the time.”

“K-pop stuff is like the Capitol in the starvation Games.”

Just as neatly that they love it — it’s it sounds as if the first video in a five-part series on Hallyu, so this is simply the beginning. remain tuned for more!

Two guys dance some of SNSD's songs

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Two guys dance some of SNSD's songs

I used to be just surfing my Facebook home, and I saw a Dubsmash video of 2 guys whilst dancing Girls" Generation"s songs.

It is rather amazing to peer guys dancing girly moves, and what"s more amazing is they just didn"t do it with a so so character, yet with a complete force. They used a overall of thirteen Girls" Generation"s tracks. Unfortunately, I don"t know any information about them to proportion to you. In the development you know them personally, don"t hesitate to tap our team.

Watch their video below:

Lupett...Daebakkk!!!!Halos Lahat Ng Sayaw Nung SNSD Kaya Nilaaa!!! Amfufu :"DCr. อดิศร สุจารีXD: Jana Stefan Abastillas Anne Horca

Posted by capacity of Daniella Perez on Thursday, September 3, 2015

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Aziatix claim they are on 'Top of the World' in new MV release

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Aziatix claim they are on 'Top of the World' in new MV release

Aziatix is back with a new album and they"ve released the MV for a soulful music titled "Top of the World"!

Sweeping synths, bits of vehicle tune, piano, and a thumping bass are the ingredients to this track. the crowd promises to take us to the "top of the world," and with this song, you possibly can just feel like you're status at the top of the universe.

Listen to the most recent music from the talented trio above.

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Hong Suk Chun unearths His Gift of recognizing famous person potential in Guys comparable to Kim Woo Bin

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Hong Suk Chun unearths His Gift of recognizing big name doable in Guys similar to Kim Woo Bin on the beyond July 22 episode of “< robust>Radio big name,” < robust>Hong Suk Chun, < robust>Lee Guk Joo, < robust>AOA‘s < robust>Jimin, and < robust>Joo Hyun  gave the impression as visitors.

on the display, Hong Suk Chun introduces himself, announcing, “A cool animated film-like personality with a cool animated film-like lifestyles, hi I’m Hong Suk Chun.”

during the broadcast, he reveals a laugh moments from his lifestyles and makes the target market laugh with his experiences.

Hong Suk Chun especially catches attention when he claims that he can foresee star potential in male celebrities. He says, “I know my guys; I know them precisely. I know whether or now no longer a guy will land a lead role or win first position.”

He explains that he is in a position to respect star potential in guys the instant he sees them. on the alternative hand, he says, “i can’t wager neatly for ladies regardless that. When I saw < robust>Kim Tae Hee, i used to be like, ‘may she be triumphant?’ When I saw < robust>Kim Woo Bin, on the alternative hand, I knew that he used to be going to be a hallyu star.”

Hmm, who do you believe you studied might be next on Hong Suk Chun’s star potential radar?