Shorry J apologizes to Girls’ Generation fans

Shorry J apologizes to Girls Generation fans?

Mighty Mouths Shorry J may have interrupted TaeTiSeos winning acceptance speech at KBSs Music Bank, and now, hes decided to directly apologize to Girls Generation fans.

On May 26, Shorry J tweeted, To Girls Generation fans, I had no intention of interrupting If you were offended I am very sorry TT_TT I wont do it again~~Dont be mad~~^^;.

According to reports, the incident occurred when TaeTiSeo won first place on May 25ths Music Bank. While the girls were giving their acceptance speech, Shorry J stole some of the spotlight with his silly expressions.

After the broadcast, fans left complaints like: He distracted our concentration while we were listening to their speech, My eye was distracted by him, and He went overboard with the congratulatory greeting.

Although Shorry J may have unintentionally upset fans of TaeTiSeo during their speech, he has previously expressed that he is a fan of the group himself.

Check out the clip of TaeTiSeos acceptance speech and Shorry J below.

Source + Photos: Shorry Js Twitter