Love Rain: ep 19 preview

"Love Rain" depicts a 1970's pure love and a love from the present day at the same time. It shows how the offsprings of a previous ill-fated couple, who met in the 1970s, managed to meet and fall in love

: ep 19 …Updating…

Title: Love Rain: ep 19
Also known as: Love Rides the Rain / Love Rain: ep 19
Genre: Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: 2
Broadcast period: 2012-March-?? to TBA
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55
Production Company: Yoon’s Color
Director: Yoon Suk Ho
Screenwriter: Oh Soo Yun

Love Rain: ep 19 Synopsis …Updating…
“Love Rain” depicts a 1970′s pure love and a love from the present  day at the same time. It shows how the offsprings of a previous  ill-fated couple, who met in the 1970s, managed to meet and fall in  love. Seo In Ha and Kim Yoon Hee, a art student and a shy beauty, met  and fell in love with each other during college in the 1970s but  unfortunately their love was fated to never be. Now in the present 21st  century Korea, Seo In Ha’s son, Seo Joon (a liberal photographer) meets  and falls in with the daughter of Kim Yoon Hee, Kim Ha Na, a cheerful  and energetic girl who’s personality is different from her mother’s.  Will their love for each other keep them together or will they have to  face the same fate as their parents?

Choi Jin-hyeok considers starring in "Fated to Love You"
Actor Choi Jin-hyeok is revising the script for the new MBC drama "Fated to Love You". "Fated to Love You" is a remake of the original Taiwanese drama. It's a romantic comedy about a woman who has nothing but kindness to offer and a man who is at risk of losing his position of a successor. While Jang Hyeok and Jang Nara have been pre-cast, Choi Jin-hyeok might end up in the role of a man who loves Jang Nara...
EXO’s Baek Hyun to Perform in SM’s Musical ‘Singin′ In the Rain’
EXO’s Baek Hyun will be performing in the first musical produced by SM Entertainment.SM Culture & Contents, a subsidiary company of SM Entertainment, will be presenting a musical titled Singin’ in the Rain between May 5 through August 3 in Chungmu Art Hall’s Grand Theatre. Baek Hyun will be the first to perform in a musical out of all EXO members. Singin’ in the Rain is based on the movie of the same title that was premiered in 1952 and its musical version has been receiving a lot of love since it was first performed in London in 1983...
Choi Jin Hyuk is in talk for new drama 'Fated To Love You'
On April 23rd, Choi Jin Hyuk's agency revealed that he received an offer to star in MBC's upcoming drama "Fated To Love You", but nothing has been confirmed cause he's still currently considering about it."Fated To Love You" is a remake of a hit Taiwanese drama with a same name back on 2008. Jang Na Ra and Jang Hyuk were already confirmed to play as lead characters, which marked it as their reunion after 12 years since "Successful Story of a Bright Girl" in 2002...
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