B.A.P Becomes Cover Models for Taiwanese Magazine

After just four months since their debut, the members of B.A.P are riding the Hallyu Wave as they made the cover of Taiwan’s largest Korean pop-culture magazine, “Trendy

B.A.P Becomes Cover Models for Taiwanese Magazine

After just four months since their , the members of B.A.P are riding the Hallyu Wave as they made the cover of ’s largest pop-culture magazine, “Trendy.”

The magazine might be Taiwan’s biggest Hallyu magazine, though that’s not all. “Trendy” takes up 70% of all magazine sales on the market making it the second most popular magazine in all of Taiwan.

Currently, B.A.P has just two single albums under their belt (and two great ones at that). The Best, Absolute, Perfect boys keep proving their greatness with each release and performance. This latest achievement puts B.A.P with the likes of K-Pop legends such as BIGBANG, , and who previously graced the magazine’s cover.

A representative for the magazine further acknowledged the group’s accomplishment by saying, “This marks the first time a Korean idol has made the cover without visiting Taiwan or having made their debut in Taiwan through a or anything of that sort.”

Along with being the cover model’s for the May issue, a ten-page feature is include which focuses on the members and group as a whole.

With B.A.P’s “Trendy” appearance a rise in recognition and popularity abroad is said to be expected, since the magazine is exported to other regions such as , , and .

Congratulations to B.A.P who as rookies continue to influence many at home as well as internationally!

B.A.P Becomes Cover Models for Taiwanese Magazine

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