Syndrome ep 19 en Sub

Syndrome ep 19 en Sub

Syndrome ep 19 en Sub , Last Released online new korean drama in korean Series synopsis Syndrome ep 19 en Sub Watch Episodes Reviews Syndrome ep 19 en Sub TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama ep Syndrome ep 19 en Sub Read Fan Reviews, Best Artist Download Wallpapers, and Video Preview of below. Syndrome ep 19 en Sub

Syndrome Episode 19 Synopsis Sumary

Syndrome is a medical drama set in the neurosurgery world. The drama shows a love triangle begins between three people.

Lee Hae-Jo (Han Hye-Jin) is a first year resident specializing in neurosurgery. She didn't graduated from a premiere medical school, but she is determined to become the best neurosurgeon.

Cha Yeo-Wook (Song Chang-Ui) can also be a first year neurosurgery citizen. Unlike Hae-Jo, Cha Yeo-Wook graduated in the best medical school and is particularly the grandson of the chairman of the board at the Korea college Hospital. His background to be a doctor is impecable.

Kang Eun-Hyun (Park Geon-Hyeong) could be the chief resident of neurosurgery.

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