Huckleberry P and Suda release album, "Get Backers"

Huckleberry P and Suda release album, Get BackersHaving previously collaborated on Cloudancer's second album, "Here I Am", emcees Huckleberry P and Suda have released their latest joint album, "Get Backers". Featuring artists such as Olltii, SOOLj, Nekuopsani, K-proud, Analog Boy, Lupi, and Ponytail, "Get Backers" is a hip-hop album through and through. With "Get Backers", Huckleberry P and Suda create a classic hip-hop vibe, even shouting out to artists such as Jay-Z and quoting Dilated Peoples on their tracks.

"Get Backers" features twelve tracks as well as an introduction track, each written by the artists themselves, with production and composition by Soriheda, Ponytail and other hip hop artists. With old school hip-hop beats on each track and classic samples and scratches, Huckleberry P and Suda spit witty criticisms of society as well as their eternal love and respect for the genre and culture of hip-hop throughout their latest collaboration album.

Check out Huckleberry P and Suda's "Get Backers" album below, and remember to support the artists by purchasing their music on sites like Hyang Music.

"Dopio (Intro)"

"Get Backers"

"The Ticket" (feat. Olltii)

"Back To The Beginning (feat. SOOLj)

"You Don’t Know"

"I’m Sorry"

"P.T.F" (Press The F5)

"Tell The Kids (Say It)"

"Gold Hell" (feat. Nekuopsani)

"Beautiful" (Life)

"April Fool's Day" (feat. Kuan)

"SoSo" (feat. Analog Boy, Lupi, Ponytail)

"Good Afternoon" (feat. Soulman)

Sources: 2cinquesette, Hyang Music