Added teaser and new images for the upcoming Korean drama “Bridal Mask”

Added teaser and new images for the upcoming Korean drama "Bridal Mask" "Bridal Mask" (2012)Directed by Yoon Seong-sikWritten by Yoo Hyeon-miNetwork : KBSWith Joo Won, Jin Se-yeon, Park Ki-woong, Han Chae-ah, Shin Hyeon-joon, Kim Jeong-nan,

Added and new images for the upcoming Bridal Mask

Bridal Mask” (2012)

Directed by Yoon Seong-sik

Written by Yoo Hyeon-mi

Network :

With , Jin Se-yeon, Park Ki-woong, Han Chae-ah, Shin Hyeon-joon, Kim Jeong-nan,…

24 episodes
Wed, Thu 21:55
The 1974 “Doll Mask” by cartoonist Heo Yeong-man, a drama based on the 1930s about a character named Lee Kang-to who was skilled at martial arts, fighting against the Japanese during the Japanese invasion.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2012/05/30


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