Goo Hara’s ‘unsightly photos’

The disbanding incident between Kara and DSP Entertainment is into its 16th day. Unpredictably, a twist has occured. According to Japan’s ‘Tokyo Sports News’, the popular Goo Hara originally wanted to leave DSP

The disbanding incident between and DSP Entertainment is into its 16th day. Unpredictably, a twist has occured. According to Japan’s ‘Tokyo Sports News’, the popular Goo Hara originally wanted to leave DSP. However, DSP has gotten hold of her private photos with her , and are using them as a trump card over her. As a result, she had no choice but to return to film the serial, URAKARA.

Kara debuted in 2007 and its members are 20+ years old. Their breakout song Honey was even covered by Taiwanese singer Yao Yao, and love it. Their popularity does not lose to in Japan. However, popularity does not mean wealth. So, besides leader Park , the other 4 members requested for a release from their contracts, citing breach of trust as their reason.

Goo Hara’s ‘unsightly sex photos’

However, less than a day after that, Goo Hara changed her mind, expressing regret at her decision to ask for a release from the contract. Kara is now filming in Japan. They even told their Japanese fans, “We’re sorry for the mess created by this incident, and we’re okay now. We will work hard to complete the filming of this serial, thank you for your support and protection.”

But outsiders have guessed that the situation is not as simple as it appeared. According to ‘Tokyo Sports News’, DSP has Goo Hara’s ‘unsightly sex photos’ taken with her boyfriend. This made her worried that the photos would be exposed, so she had no choice but to return. Even though the disbanding situation is over, some people in the Japanese media believe they will disband after the filming of URAKARA.

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