IU vs. Ulala Session, “Who will rank first”

IU vs. Ulala Session, “Who will rank first”

IU vs. Ulala Session, Who will rank first?

IU and Ulala Session are competing against each other to see who will rank first on music charts.

IU released her new singles, including, Every End of the Day and Really Hate You through several music sites on May 11 at midnight.

The song Every End of the Day ranked first right after its release and proved that IU is very powerful. The song ranked first on major music sites real time charts, including, Melon, Olleh Music, Mnet, and Bugs. She even ranked second with Really Hate You on Olleh Music and Bugs.

IU, however, cant rest easy just yet.

Performance group Ulala Session, who released their debut mini album on May 10 and ranked first with their title song Beautiful Night, is still showing off their power.

The song ranked second on Melon and Mnet real time charts and third on Olleh Music and Bugs charts. Even though a powerful opponent is following her, she doesnt look like she is worried at all.

Since IU and Ulala Session have different styles, their competition is drawing a lot of attention.

IU is a current hot icon, who is showing off her talented vocal skills and cute appearance. Her new song Every End of the Day, written by Park Keun Tae, Kim Do Hoon, and Kim Ee Na, includes IUs bubbly and emotional voice.

On the other hand, Ulala Session has become popular after winning on Super Stark K 3 last year. They show off their powerful performances with their unique charms. Beautiful Night, written by Psy and Yoo Gun Hyung, includes light melodies and atmosphere.

Many people are paying attention to see who is going to rank first.

Source: Starnews