"The Rooftop Prince" Micky Yoochun did a great job

Micky Yoochun from the drama "The Rooftop Prince" practically played 7 roles by himself.

On the fifteenth episode of the SBS drama "The Rooftop Prince" aired on the 9th, Lee Gak faced danger as Yong Tae-moo (Lee Tae-seong) brought the real Yong Tae-moo to prove that Lee Gak was not the real Yong Tae-moo.

With the support of Chairwoman Jang (Na Yeong-hee), Lee Gak became the CEO and Yong Tae-moo, angered by this, decided to bring the real Yong Tae-yong who is unconscious, back from Chicago. When Lee Gak found out about this, his trios hid the real Yong Tae-yong away and Lee Gak lay on the bed pretending to be the real Yong Tae-yong.

Viewers and members of staff can't help but compliment him on his quick and various character changes from the prince Lee Gak to Yong Tae-yong, Lee Gak who pretends to be Yong Tae-yong and even with just Lee Gak alone, he plays the role of a serious prince who is caring in front of the woman he loves and comical with his slaves.

Micky Yoochun says, "I am grateful that you accept these character changes as not confusing but understandingly. The more I act out different characters the denser the character of Lee Gak becomes. There are about five more episodes left and more stories.

Meanwhile, intensity and twists revolve in "The Rooftop Prince" as Tae-yong wakes up from his 'supposed' coma and calls out Tae-moo's name who tries to push for the resignation of Tae-yong.