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SISTAR remains #1 with "Alone" for the 4th week on the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 charts

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SISTAR remains #1 with "Alone" for the 4th week on the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 charts

For the week of March 19th, SISTAR remains in first place for the fourth time in a row since their debut on the chart with their hot title track, "Alone."

Following after SISTAR, Girls' Generation's first sub-unit Taetiseo jumps from 6th place to 2nd place with their title track, "Twinkle." Debuting in 3rd place is IU with her self-composed and sweet track, "Peach."

"Superstar K3" Busker Busker released a hit album and several of their tracks can be seen in the Top 50 on the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 charts. The track "Cherry Blossom Ending" ranks the highest at 4th place.

JYP makes a successful comeback and jumps from 16th to 5th place with his title track, "You're The One." In addition, he has yet another single, "Someone Else," ranking in 8th place. the track is a collaboration with Brown Eyed Girls' Gain.

4minute drops from 3rd place to 6th place this week with "Volume Up," while vocal group December's "She's Gone" makes a tremendous jump from 56th place to 7th this week.

Ivy's "Torn Heart" and Baek Jiyoung's "Voice" make their debut this week in 9th and 10th place respectively.

Check out the Top 50 placings for the week of May 19th below! Italicized equals a track making its debut on the chart.

02. Girls' Generation's Taetiseo - Twinkle

04. Busker Busker - Cherry Blossom Ending

08. JYP - Someone Else ft. Brown Eyed Girls' Gain

10. Baek Jiyoung - Voice ft. Lessang's Gary

11. Big Bang - Fantastic Baby

12. Taeyeon - Missing You Like Crazy

13. YangpaDavichiHANNA - Love Is All The Same

14. Busker Busker - Yeosu Night Sea

15. Busker Busker - First Love

16. Huh Gak - The Person That Loved You

17. Gavy nj (Feat. LE of EXID) - Don't Call Me

18. Baek Jiyoung - After A Long Time

20. Block B - Close My Eyes

21. Yang Yo SeobJung Eun Ji - Love Day

22. Girls' Generation's Taetiseo - Baby Steps

23. Lee Seungchul - Did You Forget

25. Busker Busker - The Flowers

26. Lee Sooyoung - The Way Only We Know

27. Primary (Feat. Gaeko, Zion.T) - See Through

30. Electro Boyz (Feat. Baek Jiuoung) - Should I Laugh or Cry?

32. Lee Hayi - As Time Goes By

34. Busker Busker - Loneliness Amplifier

35. SHINee - Sherlock (Clue + Note)

36. Lee Hayi - Killing Me Softly With His Song

37. Lee Younghyun - Love Like This

38. Lee Eunmee - You're Beautiful

39. OKSANGDALBIT - I'll Give It To You

40. Norazo - Woman Person

44. Girls' Generation's Taetiseo - OMG

45. Busker Busker - Ideal Type

46. Macchiato (Feat. Panini) - You're Mine, You're My Boy

48. Namolla Family JW (Feat. Yu Shin of D Heaven) - Wind Wind Wind

49. Sunny Hill - Princess and Prince Charming

Newlyweds Ahn Jae-Hyun And Goo Hye-Sun Skip Wedding, Donate To Children's Medical institution Instead

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Newlyweds Ahn Jae-Hyun And Goo Hye-Sun Skip Wedding, Donate To Children's Medical institution Instead

(Photo : Severance Hospital)After assembly and falling in love at the set of "Blood," co-stars Ahn Jae Hyun and Goo Hye Sun have after all tied the knot, yet in a not-so-orthodox manner.

On Might 21, the couple officially submitted their marriage resistration documents, but rather than having an all-out rite and reception, the 2made up our minds to give back to the network instead.

According to HellpKpop, an afternoon after registering their marriage, the two went to the children's wing of Severance Hospital in Seoul, where they donated the money.

Spoiler "Vampire Detective" mystery workforce Kim Yoon-hye and Jo Bok-rae to recall 'bait'

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5 years ago, Yoon San (Lee Joon), Jeong Yoo-jin (Kim Yoon-hye) and Kang Tae-woo (Jo Bok-rae) were infused into a multi-phase corporate investigation beneath Yoon Goo-hyeong's (Oh Jeong-se) orders. When the entire detectives who went undercover in the corporate disappeared, the 3maximum elite other folks from the Police Academy were put in. However, Yoon San used to be shot through his first love and ex-lover Jeong Yoo-jin all the manner through an undercover operation. Jeong Yoo-jin and Kang Tae-woo made this seem like an twist of fate and disappeared, leaving Yoon San with an everlasting pain.

Although time went by, Yoon San could notdisregard Jeong Yoo-jin and Kang Tae-woo yetdiscovered out that they were considering a mysterious gang he found out thru Yona (Lee Cheong-ah).

The completetale about the 3 people's undercover case became revealed; the identity of the 'blood gang', Jeong Yoo-jin and what is she's been so fearful of and Kang Tae-woo's backstory.

Luna's Solo Printed To Be An Electronic Pop Dance Track, Teaser Photographs Revealed

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Luna's Solo Printed To Be An Electronic Pop Dance Track, Teaser Photographs Revealed

(Photo : SM Entertainment)moon of ladyworkforce f(x) has selected the form of track for her upcoming solo debut.

The song might be a futuristic, electronic pop dance track that combines Luna's exceptionalmaking a songskill with lyrics about letting move and pursuing one's dreams.

In addition to the original track, it was once as well revealed that Luna is related to be making ready a groovy, vigorous dance to give the song an additional differentiating push.

KBS Admits Mistake In “Music Bank” Winner, Two times Is No.1, AOA Is No. 2

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KBS Admits Mistake In “Music Bank” Winner, Two times Is No.1, AOA Is No. 2

KBS Admits Mistake In Song banking concern Winner, Two times Is No.1, AOA Is No. 2crystalcove Might 29, 2016 0 KBSs Music Bank manufacturers admits that there used to be a mistake in regards to theMay just 27 episodes winner (for the last week of May).

For the May 27 episode of Music Bank, TWICE and AOA competed for number one. At the finish of the show, AOA changed into announced as that weeks winner, with 6,400 issues for their latest track Excellent Luck.

Since then, there has been controversy over AOAs win, with many locating the album ratings problematic. Music Bank calculates the winner in accordance with4pointsvirtual sales (65 % of general score), viewer votes (10 percent), broadcast scores (20 percent), and album sales (5 percent).

Singer Song Yu Vin Hints Information about His Upcoming Idol Group

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Singer Song Yu Vin Hints Information about His Upcoming Idol Group

Singer Song Yu Vin Hints Information about His Upcoming Idol Team hajima Would possibly 29, 2016 0 After debuting as a solo artist, former contestant of Mnets Megastar K6 Song Yu Vin published details relating to his idol group promotions, to be begin next year.

In an interview with OSEN, the singer says, I'm living in combination in the dorm with the alternative trainees. The call of the gang is My Teenager and the concept that is that of a boy group this is bright and filled with energy. I am getting readyin conjunction with the other 20~21 year old trainees and our symbolmay bevery an identical to B1A4 and SEVENTEEN.

After being removed on Celeb K6 two years ago, Song Yu Vin signed an exclusive contract with Baek Ji Youngs company, who was onceone of the vital judges. The agency, Tune Works, advised that he sign up for an idol group as he won dance courses amongst the other trainees.

Sehun confused into responding to sasaeng fan

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Sehun confused into responding to sasaeng fan

However, EXOSehun was these dayscrushed by a sasaeng fan, who began rumors about being a dating amongst the singer. After the fan spread false news about dating with SM Entertainment singer, puzzledfanatics took to Sehuns profile to invite him whether or now not the rumors were true, prompting the singer to inform the sasaeng to prevent imagining that the 2 would be dating.

Spoiler "Yeah, That is How It Is" Nam Gyoo-ri forced to get a divorce with Jeong Hae-in by skill of Im Ye-jin

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Se-joon was onceworriedon account of Lee Tae-hee (Im Ye-jin) who kept barging into the shop where he worked. Na-yeong did not know this and greeted Se-joon at the store. Se-joon attempted to send her away as briefly every bit possible.

However, Tae-hee came aboutto strollin precisely then and changed into outraged at the sight of them together. Tae-hee stated mean things and dragged Na-yeong home. Na-yeong cried and called out Se-joon's name.

Spoiler "Happy Home" Ahn Hyo-seop sings for Kim Ji-ho

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On the twenty-eighth episode of the MBC weekend drama "Happy Home", Choi Cheol-soo (Ahn Hyo-seop) comforted Han Mi-soon (Kim Ji-ho) who was once depressed after learning about her ex-husband Bong Man-ho (Jang In-sub) dishonesty.

Han Mi-soon were given a dangle of Bong Man-ho who attempted to thieve her concept and told her partner's father Bong Sam-bong (Kim Young-cheol). Bong Sam-bong took Bong Man-ho away yet Han Mi-soon collapsed on the ground and cried.

While she became drinking by herself, song sounded from outside. Cheol-soo stayed outdoor and sang songs while gambling his guitar out of doors her door.

If Song Joong-ki and Lee Gwang-soo fell for a similar woman? Love or friendship?

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When he was once asked what he would do if he fell for a similarwoman as his best possible friend Lee Gwang-soo, he said, "I would select love".

Then he become asked if would permit his sister thus far Lee Gwang-soo and he replied, "No, no, no" three times and said, "He is my excellent friend yethe is too tall".

Spoiler "The Flower in Prison" Jin Se-yeon faces Kim Mi-sook

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However, Kang Seon-ho told her there used to be intervention with the government and it changed into all below Yoon Won-hyeong's (Jeong Joon-ho) orders. Kang Seon-ho begged, "It's all my fault. Just kill me" and Ok-nyeo have becomesusceptible hearted. She left without hurting him.

Ok-nyeo have shyed away from the radar with Yoon Tae-won's (Ko Soo) help. She then determined to own up tothe realityyet Yoon Tae-won stopped her with the fact that she may smartly be used as a political prey.

At the similar time, Jeong Nan-jeong (Park Joo-mi) and Queen Moon-jeong (Kim Mi-Sook) who was suspicious about Yoon Tae-won, ordered for Ok-nyeo to be arrested. Ok-nyeo was soon brought in front of Queen Moon-jeong.