BEAST to team up with Janet Jackson's choreographer, Robert Steinbacher

BEAST to team up with Janet Jackson's choreographer, Robert Steinbacher

BEAST to team up with Janet Jacksons choreographer, Robert SteinbacherRobert Steinbacher, one of the world's famous choreographer will meet with popular boy band BEAST next month in June.

Robert Steinbacher has worked as a choreographer with popstar Janet Jackson and Tony Braxston. He is also a national athelete as a gymnast for Germany and even as sports therapists in 15 different countries including the United States and countries in Europe.

BEAST and Robert Steinbacher are to encounter each other through "BEAST Body Art" DVD that BEAST will work on this upcoming summer. Robert Steinbacher, the founder of Body Art, will be coming to Korea in June and personally visit the set where BEAST will be filming. He will teach them the choregraphy that he had created.

Body Art is a program that includes yoga, stretching, pilates, along with breathing techniques.

Robert Steinbacher planned to also experience the K-Pop world during his stay in Korea. A representative of Body Art stated, "Robert has always had great interest in K-Pop and was really excited for his visit to Korea. Through YouTube, he discovered BEAST and complimented and praised them that they had great energetic dance moves and music."

It has said that when BEAST had their world tour concert last Febuary in Germany, Robert Steinbacher was upset that he was not able to make their show, thus, bringing him personally to Korea to teach BEAST the Body Art choreography.

A representative of Cube Entertainment states, "The BEAST members are anticipating on working with Robert Steinbacher and his choreography. With an upcoming comeback ahead, they will be receiving good care in their body and health through Body Art. They will be back soon with good appearances."

Source: Newsen and 10Asia