On ‘Invincible Youth 2,’ G6 members are busy planting the rice

G6 members (Suzy, Kang Jiyoung, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Kim Ye Won, Bora) recently started planting the rice. KBS’s Invincible Youth 2 started planting the rice as a part of a seasonal project

On ‘Invincible Youth 2,’ G6 members are busy planting the rice

G6 members (, Kang Jiyoung, , Hyoyeon, , Bora) recently started planting the rice.

’s 2 started planting the rice as a part of a seasonal project.

On May 10, Kim Ho Sang, CP for the show, said, “Gong Hyung Jin appeared in the May 12 episode of the show as a guest and planted the rice with G6 members.”

Kim added, “The show has started holding seasonal projects since the season one. Planting the rice is a part of the summer farming project.”

“Since farm workers are busy planting the rice these days, we decided to start the farming project. We have been holding the same project since the season one. We are also thinking about holding an yearly project.”

“Besides planting the rice, we will help farm potatoes and grapes as well. Please look forward to seeing various projects in the future.”

Kim also talked about the controversy over penalties, which were portrayed on May 5 episode of the show. “We will try to fix that part and also try not to cause any troubles while watching the show.”

In the May 12 episode of the show, actor Gong appeared and gave each member of G6 suitable nicknames.

Source: Starnews

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