"The Equator Man" Lim Jeong-eun cast for "Tone Deaf Clinic" with Park Ha-seon

Actress Lim Jeong-eun has been cast for the movie "Tone Deaf Clinic", revealed T Entertainment.

"Tone Deaf Clinic" is about a woman who tries to overcome tone deafness for the man she loves and the clinic instructor who falls into the love line while trying to help her. This movie is directed by Kim Jin-yeong from "Fortune Salon" and "Clash of the Families" and features Yoon Sang-hyeon and Park Ha-seon.

Lim Jeong-eun takes on the role of Bora, a friend of the leading female character who becomes a rival unexpectedly while trying to help her out. The movie started filming on the 2nd and will be released at the later half of this year.

Meanwhile, Lim Jeong-eun is currently starring in the KBS 2TV drama "The Equator Man" as Choi Soo-mi.