‘Queen Insoo’ adds 10 more episodes to series

‘Queen Insoo’ adds 10 more episodes to series

Queen Insoo adds 10 more episodes to series

Producers of jTBCs Queen Insoo have announced that they will be adding 10 more episodes to the popular historical drama series.

Due to the dramas lengthy focus on telling the stories of each of the main characters, producers felt that adding an additional 10 episodes to the original 50 would be best for naturally continuing the dramas storyline.

Thanks to the additional episodes, producers assured that the drama will be able to better illustrate all of the events leading up to Queen Insoos last breath of life.

Viewers will also be glad to hear that the maturation process of Queen Insoos grandson, Yeonsan, will be shown in greater detail.

All cast members and staff were reported to have agreed on the decision, and are now passionately working at bringing the drama to a successful conclusion.

Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate