RAIN: OUT..only for a while.

RAIN: OUT..only for a while.RAIN: OUT..only for a while.RAIN: OUT..only for a while.

K-Pop Retro-Throwback: Kim Chu Ja's 1971 Track 'Spring Rain' Proves She Is More Than Just A Pretty Face
Kim Chu Ja is often referred to as Korean pop"s first sex symbol. Emerging in the early "70s, she shimmied where other female singers stood stock still. Her flirtatious album covers brought an eroticism to Korean pop that still resonates today. As one blogger once put it: "If you got into K-pop because of KARA"s butt dance, you have Kim Chu Ja to thank." As female artists from Madonna to Beyoncé have discovered, if you are a sex symbol you are usually written about in extramusical terms...
Rain Receives Offer To Star In Romance Drama “Indian Summer”
  World star Rain may be making his much-awaited drama comeback soon. Cube DC, Rain"s management agency, announced on April 21, "Rain has recently received an offer to star in Lee Hyung Min"s new drama "Indian Summer". He was offered the role because of his personal acquaintance with the director, but his appearance in the drama has not been finalized yet." Rain had his small screen debut with the drama "Sang Doo, Let"s Go To School!", which was directed by Lee Hyung Min in 2003...
Rain States Appearance in "Indian Summer" is Not Confirmed
Rain is reported to be contemplating joining the cast of "Indian Summer", directed by Lee Hyung Min, who offered Rain his first acting role in "Sangdoo, Let"s Go to School". Rain"s sources stated that Rain has recently received an offer from the director for the male lead of the drama. The drama is projected to air at the end of this year under the title, "Indian Summer". Rain proved his strength as an actor through his role in "Sangdoo, Let"s Go to School"; all attention gathered on whether Rain will choose to once again work with Director Lee Hyung Min...
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