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Fashion King Ep 16 LIVE RECAPS NOW

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Fashion King Ep 16 LIVE RECAPS NOW

Not much time separates us from knowing how in THE WORLD YoungulGayoung ended up on the Same plan going to the Same Destination! No way! Is it Jaehyuk's new Strategy now, to be Using Gayoung as a Weapon against Youngul during their business deals? Youngul would be too Weak to be agressive then..Argh!

Ok! Stay Tuned Then! It's Tonight!

And Usual, Always Refresh the page to access the Added description, as the Action Evolves.

Feel free to comment okay? I need someone with who i can share my frustration or excitment when something Cute, Romantic or ANNOYING happens!

Gayoung is being seated in her classy business class seat, she smiles as she's never had the chance to travel in such a classy plane. Suddenly, Youngul comes out of nowhere! "Umm..H..Hi" she stutters. "Um..yeah" he answers as akwardly.

They're both sitting one near the other. Gayoung's memory of their first time on a plane together comes to her mind:" Gayoung..I love you" She remembers him saying while holding her hand. She didn't say a thing back then. If only..

Finally, they reach their destination. Okay, this is even weirder, they're on the same Hotel Too! One room away ONLY from one another!

You'd think he would go straight to hot shower after such a long trip, but he's up on his feet, in FRONT OF HER DOOR XD. She, decides to go talk to him TOO! What a Timing! : I think i fee like dying, Gayoung: He tells her as soon she opens up her door!

Her phone rings, she goes to get it, but he grabds her by the hand and..HE KISSES HER!!! MY GOD!

They're exchanging the deepest kiss ever in KR TV HISTORY if you ask me XD They're even smiling at each other! How Free, How wild! What a natural chemistery between these two!

Now on the bed, he has her around his arm:" How freeing it is to be able to tell I love you, freely.." he tells her. Then she falls asleep in his arm.

On the other side of the world, Jaehyuk is loosing it! Why isn't she picking up her phone? It's driving him Crazy! Anna, also on the same situation, keeps calling Youngul, he's not answering either.

The next day, Gayoung again receives an incoming call from outiside, obviously from Korea. She decides to turn of the phone :) Youngul, takes her hand, and takes her to the most breathtaking Terasse view ever! My god, they look so good together XD "Im hungry, aren't you? I' ll take you to the most expensive restaurant" He says sounding so excited!

"Why are you acting so differently all of a sudden?" She asks him anxiously. "Im Happy. Im so happy i feel like doing Everything for you now" He replies her, so confidently!

But, it's time to go back to Korea. On the plane, he has this cute smirk on his face:" Now everything has changed".

Gayoung, once back home, receives a phone call from Youngul , ALEADY MISSING HER AWWW "I wanna run to you, there you know" Okay these two are too Cute!

Back to Jaehyuk's compagny, Gayoung gets good news as soon as she arrives! Her face is on the Cover ofa Fashion related Magazine! But right then, follows a quite worrying phone call from Jaehyuk himself, asking to come right away to his office. "When did you get back? You should have told me you were going, even if it's for business related to my compagny, i tend not to know everything. So let me know next time, alright? He tells her, with his poker face, trying to hide how mad he's. She even turns down his lunch invitation.

Ana, on the other hand, finally faces Youngul too. " why wouldnt you take my calls? Just what did u exactly do there, huh?" she asks me angrily! He just..smiles sarcastically and ignores her.

Youngul and Gayoung meet again! He takes out in this wonderful park, he has his head on her lap! Suddenly, he gets emotional! He thinks of his Dad, and how he makes everything perfect in his life turns bad just thinking of him! Gayoung, catches his sad tone and quickly says:" Buy me icecream!" That only was enough to get him back on the Bright cheerful mood!

They're now playing around the park, taking photos. He can't get his hands off Her! They're even sharing icecream, and even share an ICE CREAM KISS XD

Oh no..Jaehyuk is there! He's witnessing it all.

Back to Youngul's office, Anna is again ready to face him and hears the truth.

" What? You defiently worse than Jaehyuk, aren't you?"

"Hey, you watch it! It's not i ever promised you anything, or called you my firlfriend! You call me when you feel like drinking and got no one to drink with..That's about it between you and me from the very begining!"

Wow. That was Harsh. Even from Youngul.

Now Jaehyuk is at Youngul's door. As soon as he opens, it's HEAT time! "Listens, it's neither about YOU feel, neither about How I feel. It's all about Gayoung's feelings. She made ehr choice." says Youngul. Jaehyuk, boils over as he hears that confidence on his tone, and Hit mim on the Face! Youngul gives hime one too! " Don't you play that HER FEELINGS card! She was leaning towards me, until you came and confused her! If you really like her, you should let her go, to her career!" says Jaehyuk, desperately looking for the perfect line to turn him away from Gayoung!

Funny enough, Anna calls out Gayoung for the same purpose:" Don't you think one man is enough?" Says Anna, while giving Gayoung that killer look. "Instead of trying to ruin both Guys' career, at least leave the one who is just starting to make a name for himself. If you really care for Youngul, you better let hom focus on his work, and and not be the reason why Jaehyuk is always on his back, trying to break him down because of you. Think carefully." Anna had all the right words to confuse Gayoung.

Youngul meanwhile, decides again to call her for a special date! Back to their old little appartment, He's setting the table, Candle? Check! Crystal glasses? Check! Yummy dinner? Check! Gayoung? Not There still!

He Calls her. It goes straight to Voicemail! Oh no..The look on his Face. He feels like he's been abandoned once again by a loved one.

Watch: Jonghyun, MONSTA X, And Two times On “Music Bank”

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Watch: Jonghyun, MONSTA X, And Two times On “Music Bank”

Watch: Jonghyun, MONSTA X, And Two times On Tune banking concern kokoberry Would possibly 27, 2016 0 KBS2s Music Bank is now streaming reside so worldlovers can watch the display live!

Todays episode capabilities performances from Jonghyun, TWICE, AOA, Shin Ji Hoon, Dana, MAP6, Giant Brain, B.I.G, UP10TION, Oh My Girl, Heyne, Berry Good, Boys Republic, Nam Woohyun, April, SEVENTEEN, MONSTA X, Street Boyz, Laboum, and I.O.I!

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Watch: BTS’s V And Jungkook Bring Out Their BIGBANG Fanboy Facet Covering “If You” And “Bang Bang Bang”

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Watch: BTS’s V And Jungkook Bring Out Their BIGBANG Fanboy Facet Covering “If You” And “Bang Bang Bang”

Watch: BTSs V And Jungkook Bring Out Their BIGBANG Fanboy Aspect Covering When you And Bang Bang Bangkokoberry Might 27, 2016 0 BTS is understood for being massivelovers of BIGBANG and they were readyto turn their fanboy side via Burning Karaoke videos from Mnet.

Members V and Jungkook get started off their karaoke consultation amongst BIGBANGs If You and set the mood. Its obviousthat they're familar with the song as they is also able toquilt it without problemsthe entirewhilst being entertaining.

Also, Jungkook stocksa very powerful karaoke tip and recommends beginning and finishing karaoke sessions with BIGBANGs Bang Bang Bang. The lads get the birthday partybegan with toppower equally they canopy smasher Bang Bang. Jungkook channels G-Dragon and is in a function to rap impressively. They even bust out dance moves and turn out their abilities as they sing live.

Red Velvet’s Irene finds her ideal kind to “GQ Korea”

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Red Velvet’s Irene finds her ideal kind to “GQ Korea”

Image: Red Velvet Irene for GQ Korea / GQ Korea Instagram

“Moonlight Drawn Via Clouds” Finds Solid Photo And Personality Details

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“Moonlight Drawn Via Clouds” Finds  Solid Photo And Personality Details

Moonlight Drawn By way of Clouds FindsForged Photo And PersonalityMain points kokoberry Would possibly 27, 2016 0 KBSs Moonlight Drawn By Clouds has published a photo featuring their main cast adding Park Bo Gum, Kim Yoo Jung, B1A4s Jinyoung, Chae Soo Bin, and Lee Search engine optimization Won.

The photo is from their first script reading consultation which used to behung onCould 26. More information abouteach and every character had been revealed!

Park Bo Gum is Lee Young (Crown Prince Hyomyeong). He's described as actingbloodlessat theout of doorsyet warm on the inside. Hes serious with a choosy personality but still bright and playful being 19 years old. A new form of palace romance is expected to bloom between him and Hong Ra On (Kim Yoo Jung) who he has a reunion with at the palace after having been humiliated by her in the past.

Watch: Song Yu Vin Teases First Solo Unmarried Track Video

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Watch: Song Yu Vin Teases First Solo Unmarried  Track Video

Watch: Song Yu Vin Teases First Solo UnmarriedSong Videocrystalcove Would possibly 27, 2016 0 “Superstar K6″ contestant Song Yu Vin (also spelled Song Yu Bin) releases the primary music video teaser for his first solo single, Deep in My Bones, Its You (working title).

The single is composed through Kim Won and the lyrics are by Min Yeon Jae. Kim Won composed Baek Ah Yeons So So and 15s Love Is Madness. Min Yeon Jae wrote the lyrics for Soyu and Junggigos Some. BTOBs Minhyuk, going by his underground degree name Heota, functions in the song.

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Today's Photo: Would possibly 27, 2016 1

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Models pose at a waydisplay in a branchshop in Seoul on Thursday.

Comedian Lee Jung Soo Apologizes For Making Beside the point Shaggy dog story About His Daughter

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Comedian Lee Jung Soo Apologizes For Making Beside the point  Shaggy dog story About His Daughter

In reaction to the criticism, Lee Jung Soo replied on his Instagram, “A joke made with Riye has by accidentturned into controversial. I first and principalwish to apologize. Since there turns out to be those whowere givendisappointed over the joke, I believe the want to apologize. Other people who already know the way 1 think, act, and live my lifestyles know that I check out my best possible and put a huge number ofeffort and time into turning into a just right husband and father. Therefore, this state of affairsused to bea significantsurprise to me. SomedayI might be able towatch out and use discretion to keep away from making inappropriate jokes. I backask for forgivenessto individuals who I have upset.”

f(x)’s Luna Surprises With Selection of Genre For Solo Debut Name Track

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f(x)’s Luna Surprises With Selection of Genre For Solo Debut Name Track

f(x)s Luna Surprises With Number of Genre For Solo Debut IdentifyMusic crystalcove Might 26, 2016 0 Luna of f(x) could be debuting solo with a dance track, announces SM Entertainment. Together with the news, the agency also releases further teaser footage which exhibit the singers airy beauty.

Lunas title track from her first solo album, Loose Somebody, will be a dance track, now not a ballad, breaking from expectanciesmost of the people have of a solo debut from the vocalist of a lady group.

Free Someone is an electronic pop dance track, with a long runarea sound. The lyrics describe the need of in want of to lend a handany personin finding their true self so they are in a position to freely reside their dream.

'Lucky Romance' viewership score drops, beats 'Entertainers' by way of 0.1%

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The difference between "Lucky Romance" and SBS "Entertainers" is simplest 0.1%. "Entertainers" went up by 1.1% to checklist 8.6% this day. Even the drama ranked lowest throughoutthe similar airtime, "Master - God of Noodles" also recorded 8.0%. In accordance withthose numbers, it's farmost likely that the ranks may also be overturned any time.

While "Lucky Romance" has been expected to lead the Wed-Thu dramas recording the 2 digit number with the primary episode, the viewership pageant is changing into more appealing as it all of unexpected is stalling.

SM Entertainment To Open An World K-Pop Academy

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SM Entertainment To Open An World K-Pop Academy

The new academy, set to open up initially of next year, is a collaboration assignment amongstthe non-public Jongno Sky Academy. It is going to exist open to international scholarsin addition Korean voters who aspire to be entertainers, and shouldarea between three hundred and 400 people. Coursework will come with the core curriculum matters of Korean, English, and math, headed by capacity of the Jongro Sky Academy, as smartly as musical theory, dance, and other similar courses, taught by SM staff.

Currently, 70 % of the scholars who carried out for registration are Chinese and other foreigners, whilstthe rest 30 percent are Korean citizens. SM gave presentations in China and other foreign countries starting in November of closing year to recruit new students.

Although the facultystarted out as a change forthe normal school, it has gainedlegitimate authorization to be known as an international school. Each side of the partnership have expressed passion in opening up a branch faculty in China will have to the flagship school end up to be successful.