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Fashion King Ep 16 LIVE RECAPS NOW

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Fashion King Ep 16 LIVE RECAPS NOW

Not much time separates us from knowing how in THE WORLD YoungulGayoung ended up on the Same plan going to the Same Destination! No way! Is it Jaehyuk's new Strategy now, to be Using Gayoung as a Weapon against Youngul during their business deals? Youngul would be too Weak to be agressive then..Argh!

Ok! Stay Tuned Then! It's Tonight!

And Usual, Always Refresh the page to access the Added description, as the Action Evolves.

Feel free to comment okay? I need someone with who i can share my frustration or excitment when something Cute, Romantic or ANNOYING happens!

Gayoung is being seated in her classy business class seat, she smiles as she's never had the chance to travel in such a classy plane. Suddenly, Youngul comes out of nowhere! "Umm..H..Hi" she stutters. "Um..yeah" he answers as akwardly.

They're both sitting one near the other. Gayoung's memory of their first time on a plane together comes to her mind:" Gayoung..I love you" She remembers him saying while holding her hand. She didn't say a thing back then. If only..

Finally, they reach their destination. Okay, this is even weirder, they're on the same Hotel Too! One room away ONLY from one another!

You'd think he would go straight to hot shower after such a long trip, but he's up on his feet, in FRONT OF HER DOOR XD. She, decides to go talk to him TOO! What a Timing! : I think i fee like dying, Gayoung: He tells her as soon she opens up her door!

Her phone rings, she goes to get it, but he grabds her by the hand and..HE KISSES HER!!! MY GOD!

They're exchanging the deepest kiss ever in KR TV HISTORY if you ask me XD They're even smiling at each other! How Free, How wild! What a natural chemistery between these two!

Now on the bed, he has her around his arm:" How freeing it is to be able to tell I love you, freely.." he tells her. Then she falls asleep in his arm.

On the other side of the world, Jaehyuk is loosing it! Why isn't she picking up her phone? It's driving him Crazy! Anna, also on the same situation, keeps calling Youngul, he's not answering either.

The next day, Gayoung again receives an incoming call from outiside, obviously from Korea. She decides to turn of the phone :) Youngul, takes her hand, and takes her to the most breathtaking Terasse view ever! My god, they look so good together XD "Im hungry, aren't you? I' ll take you to the most expensive restaurant" He says sounding so excited!

"Why are you acting so differently all of a sudden?" She asks him anxiously. "Im Happy. Im so happy i feel like doing Everything for you now" He replies her, so confidently!

But, it's time to go back to Korea. On the plane, he has this cute smirk on his face:" Now everything has changed".

Gayoung, once back home, receives a phone call from Youngul , ALEADY MISSING HER AWWW "I wanna run to you, there you know" Okay these two are too Cute!

Back to Jaehyuk's compagny, Gayoung gets good news as soon as she arrives! Her face is on the Cover ofa Fashion related Magazine! But right then, follows a quite worrying phone call from Jaehyuk himself, asking to come right away to his office. "When did you get back? You should have told me you were going, even if it's for business related to my compagny, i tend not to know everything. So let me know next time, alright? He tells her, with his poker face, trying to hide how mad he's. She even turns down his lunch invitation.

Ana, on the other hand, finally faces Youngul too. " why wouldnt you take my calls? Just what did u exactly do there, huh?" she asks me angrily! He just..smiles sarcastically and ignores her.

Youngul and Gayoung meet again! He takes out in this wonderful park, he has his head on her lap! Suddenly, he gets emotional! He thinks of his Dad, and how he makes everything perfect in his life turns bad just thinking of him! Gayoung, catches his sad tone and quickly says:" Buy me icecream!" That only was enough to get him back on the Bright cheerful mood!

They're now playing around the park, taking photos. He can't get his hands off Her! They're even sharing icecream, and even share an ICE CREAM KISS XD

Oh no..Jaehyuk is there! He's witnessing it all.

Back to Youngul's office, Anna is again ready to face him and hears the truth.

" What? You defiently worse than Jaehyuk, aren't you?"

"Hey, you watch it! It's not i ever promised you anything, or called you my firlfriend! You call me when you feel like drinking and got no one to drink with..That's about it between you and me from the very begining!"

Wow. That was Harsh. Even from Youngul.

Now Jaehyuk is at Youngul's door. As soon as he opens, it's HEAT time! "Listens, it's neither about YOU feel, neither about How I feel. It's all about Gayoung's feelings. She made ehr choice." says Youngul. Jaehyuk, boils over as he hears that confidence on his tone, and Hit mim on the Face! Youngul gives hime one too! " Don't you play that HER FEELINGS card! She was leaning towards me, until you came and confused her! If you really like her, you should let her go, to her career!" says Jaehyuk, desperately looking for the perfect line to turn him away from Gayoung!

Funny enough, Anna calls out Gayoung for the same purpose:" Don't you think one man is enough?" Says Anna, while giving Gayoung that killer look. "Instead of trying to ruin both Guys' career, at least leave the one who is just starting to make a name for himself. If you really care for Youngul, you better let hom focus on his work, and and not be the reason why Jaehyuk is always on his back, trying to break him down because of you. Think carefully." Anna had all the right words to confuse Gayoung.

Youngul meanwhile, decides again to call her for a special date! Back to their old little appartment, He's setting the table, Candle? Check! Crystal glasses? Check! Yummy dinner? Check! Gayoung? Not There still!

He Calls her. It goes straight to Voicemail! Oh no..The look on his Face. He feels like he's been abandoned once again by a loved one.

Spoiler Added episode 14 captures for the Korean drama 'Goodbye Mr. Black'

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Added episode 14 captures for the Korean drama "Goodbye Mr. Black" (2016)Directed via Han Heui, Kim Seong-wook-IWritten by Moon Hee-jeongNetwork : MBCWith Lee Jin-wook, Moon Chae-won, Kim Kang-woo, Song Jae-rim, Yoo In-yeong, Lee Won-jong,...16 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00SynopsisThis drama, encouraged by The Count of Monte Cristo, is set a man, who is betrayed by his friend and takes revenge.It's an adaptation of a comedian book.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/03/16

BamBam Explains Why He Sought after to Cross-Dress for GOT7′s Concert

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BamBam Explains Why He Sought after to Cross-Dress for GOT7′s Concert

BamBam Explains Why He Sought after to Cross-Dress for GOT7s Concertan0ya April 30, 2016 0 The lads of GOT7 have shared their truthfulmind on holding a solo concert and having a successful year so far.

Member Yugyeom said, It appears like a dream to win No.1 on tunepresentations and cling a concert. I cant accept as true with that my dream has come true. Im now thinking that I should work hard.

Weve worked hard from the beginning, and this used to be made possible thanks to our firmbody of workers and fans. After winning No.1, we begangetting ready even more for our concert. We would like to thank and give back to our fans, so we put numerous effort into the preparations, Mark explained.

Comedian Booked After Boozy Hit-and-Run

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Comedian Lee Chang-myung has been booked after a hit-and-run accident, police stated Thursday. Police said Lee was onceinebriated at the time, with an estimated blood alcohol point of 0.16 % -- ample to have his driver's license revoked.According to police, Lee had dinner with five others in a cafe in Yeoido on April 20. They drank six bottles of robust Chinese liquor and draft beer. He then drove away in his Porsche SUV at around 11 p.m. and slammed into a traffic light. He were given out of his vehicle and fled the scene.After hiding for 20 hours, Lee in the endpassed himself in. He told police he had no longer run away yetlong past to health center because his chest harmsooner than going to Daejeon on business, but his cellphone battery had died. He denied ridingbelow the influence. But police say it changed intotransparent he was intoxicated given the eating place bill, telephone records of him calling a chauffeur carrier and CCTV pictures of the boulevard where the coincidence happened.

Joy Confesses “I Love You” To Yook Sungjae On Their Candy Amusement Park Date

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Joy Confesses “I Love You” To Yook Sungjae On Their Candy Amusement Park Date

Joy Confesses I admire yous To Yook Sungjae On Their Candy entertainment Park DateJiwonYu April 30, 2016 0 Whilst Joy and Yook Sungjae may be leaving We Got Married soon, Joy has after all confessed I love you to Yook Sungjae.

On the new episode on April 30, the 2discuss witha collegedressed infaculty uniforms. While fooling around in the playground, Joy says, A guy I belovedwas oncejust right at gambling basketball, and Yook Sungjae replies, Are you looking to make me jealous?

During her person interview, Joy is surprised, saying, He didnt get jealous. He didnt even blink an eye. Joy even mentions her first love saying, He looks so much like you, yet Yook Sungjae doesnt respond much.

Yoon Shi Yoon Promises Skyrocketing Viewership Ratings For “2 Days & 1 Night” As New Member

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Yoon Shi Yoon Promises Skyrocketing Viewership Ratings For “2 Days & 1 Night” As New Member

Yoon Shi Yoon Promises Skyrocketing Viewership Ratings For two Days 1 Evening equally New MemberJiwonYu April 30, 2016 0 Actor Yoon Shi Yoon could be joining 2 Days 1 Night and he's more enthusiastic than ever to be a member.

According to the staff, Yoon Shi Yoon introduces himself as a 50 % viewership ratings guy, regarding his representative drama Baking King Kim Tak Goo, and says, Now its time to do the similar for kind shows. I can surpass 50 percent viewership ratings for this show, surprising everyone.

While each person is wondering what theyd just heard, Yoon Shi Yoon continues his introduction, saying, The audience volitionrealize me after they see how hardworking I'mat the show. The contributors urge him to take his viewership ratings promise back, pleading, What are you announcing and You cant say the ones things here!

Koo Hye-seon Puts out 1st Complete Album

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Actress Koo Hye-seon has released her first full-length album, her controlfirmstated on Thursday.The album features a dozen songs, adding some up to now released as unmarried albums.Koo wrote and composed all the songs at the album with the exception of one. On the non-public front, Koo is decided to marry actor Ahn Jae-hyeon on Would possibly 21.

Girls' Generation's Yuri Becomes A beautiful Surfer For 'Barrel' Campaign

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Girls' Generation's Yuri Becomes A beautiful Surfer For 'Barrel' Campaign

Girls' Generation member Yuri transforms into a sunkissed surfer woman in the newest promotional crusade for Barrel, a Korean active sports clothing brand.

Teaming up with her cousin and onscreen spouse Vivian Cha - the 2 headline the OnStyle truthdisplay YULVIV MY SISTER--Yuri slipped at thenewest styles from Barrel's ladies surfwear line. The singer and widespread fitness magtype dazzled fanatics alongside her healthy glow and figure.

"She's so horny and beautiful," "Body goals," and "I love this so much! So lovable and hot at the similar time!" acknowledged fans upon seeing her selection of photos.

Yang Hyun Suk’s Wife Lee Eun Joo Makes Appearance on “Infinite Challenge”

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Yang Hyun Suk’s Wife Lee Eun Joo Makes Appearance on “Infinite Challenge”

Yang Hyun Suks Wife Lee Eun Joo Makes Appearance on LimitlessSubject an0ya April 30, 2016 0 Audience of Infinite Mission were stunnedto peer Lee Eun Joo, wife of YG Entertainments CEO Yang Hyun Suk, performingin this weeks episode.

On the April 30 broadcast of the show, Sechs Kies member Lee Jae Jin sits down for a fish fry dinner with his younger sister Lee Eun Joo. This episode marks the ultimatea section of the Sechs Kies reunion special.

Lee Jae Jin expresses his affection in opposition to his sister, saying, Ever since our folks passed away, Ive had nobodyyet Eun Joo and our cousins by way of my side.

Lee Young-ae Poses for Footage to Carry Finances for Children's Charity

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Actress Lee Young-ae has posed for a photo shoot to inspire donations to a crusade that supports youngsters in need.The picturescan be published in the Might edition of stylemag JLook.

As a section of the campaign, T-shirts, eco-friendly bags and other piecespublished with drawings through Lee and her dual kids will be sold to the public, with all proceeds donated to the Korean National Commission for UNESCO's program to teachgirls and children.

Eric Nam Reacts to Virtual Wife Solar’s Undies Photo Shoot

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Eric Nam Reacts to Virtual Wife Solar’s Undies Photo Shoot

Eric Nam Reacts to Virtual Wife Solars Lingerie Photo Shootan0ya April 30, 2016 0 Eric Nam used to bestunned to come across revealing pictures of his virtual wife MAMAMOOs Solar when taking a look her up online.

While looking ahead to their coffee at a cafe, Eric Nam finds how he felt about Solars underwear-themed photo shoot. I saw the sexy pictorial that you shot. I was so surprised. I presumed to myself, So this is what my wife used to wear.

Eric Nam stocks more about his reaction to Solars pictorial in an interview with the producers. After our first meeting, I looked Solar up online. I used to be surprised to peer that photo as the primary one to pop up. Now that were married, I suspectUnwell feel jealous or simplytype of weird if she has photo shoots like that.