‘Running Man’ reveals viewer poll results regarding cast

‘Running Man’ reveals viewer poll results regarding cast

Running Man reveals viewer poll results regarding cast

The latest episode of Running Man revealed the results of a recent online survey that viewers took regarding the show cast.

The May 6th broadcast of Running Man began with a slightly different format under the special Survival Race. The members were each instructed to vote for the one person they wanted out in each round. The person with the most votes would be targeted and the other members would have to try to eliminate that person within the given time frame.

Before voting, the PD of the show announced the results of an online survey that had recently taken place.

The first survey asked viewers which super-power they preferred to have. Song Ji Hyos mind controller topped the list with 65.9% of votes. Second place was given to HaHas time controller with 15.5% of votes, followed by Yoo Jae Suks space controller coming in at 3rd. Kwang Soos death note had ranked last with a mere 1.2% of votes.

According to the VJs (cameramen), the best runner in Running Man is commander Kim Jong Gook and 2nd place going to both ace Song Ji Hyo and the nations grasshopper, Yoo Jae Suk.

Lastly, the survey results ranking the members appearance, excluding Song Ji Hyo, was revealed. However, instead of revealing the results to the members, they revealed it to the viewers by adding in colored number captions above their heads (See above photo for results).

SourceImage: TV Report via Nate