SPEED/Co-ed's Taewoon receives attention for his acting in December's latest MV

SPEED/Co-eds Taewoon receives attention for his acting in Decembers latest MVStill preparing for their subunit debut, many fans were excited seeing SPEED and Co-ed member Taewoon appear in the new music video for ballad group December.

After its release on April 30th, many viewers were quick to comment, saying that "The male lead looks familiar", "He looks like Block B's Zico", "Isn't it SPEED's Taewoon?" and "I watched this over for him". It was also revealed that the idol's company's CEO, Kwon Sibong, revealed that December released some of his favorite songs and MVs, recommending and suggesting that Taewoon should appear as a lead in the video.

With Taewoon eventually being casted into the MV, he was joined by two female trainees who are set to debut in a girl group and girl duo later this year.

December is currently promoting the release of their newest mini album through the release of its title track "She's Gone". They are set to appear on various music shows as well as variety throughout their promotion cycle.

Source: AsianDream2018, coreclique and Newsen