SECRET’s Hyosung shares photos from Children’s Day

SECRET’s Hyosung shares photos from Children’s Day

SECRETs Hyosung shares photos from Childrens Day

In response to Ji Euns birthday on May 5th, SECRETs Hyosung tweeted, Celebrating the birth of Ssong choding [Ji Eun] _ kekeke inside the car kekeke celebrating her birthday, a success _ Our Ssong, Happy birthay _ ^_^ kekeke

Performing at an outdoor park on Childrens Day and Ji Euns birthdayWatching these energetic teens, they are so pretty and cute _  I think its true that Im getting old ^_^ kekeke.  Please grow healthy, young ones, she continued shortly after.

Smiling bright with her spotless and healthy face, Hyosung looks as bright and youthful as ever.

Followers commented, Ah! I forgot today is Childrens Day. You look so cute like a child yourself, Happy Birthday to Ji Eun unni!, and I hope you guys had a fun time.

Source + Photos: SECRET Hyosungs Twitter