4 Times Sehun Proved He Would Do Anything For His Fans

4 Times Sehun Proved He Would Do Anything For His Fans

Sehuns kindness toward his fans was seen after video surfaced of a fan attempting to high five him during a fan sign event.

1. Her hand was immediately pushed away by the staff, but Sehun high-fived the fan anyway with a kind smile on his face.

a fan wanted to do high five with sehun, the manager/security pushed her hand away but sehun ignore him and do the high five with her pic.twitter.com/QUxu8xbuqY

2. The second video showed Sehun stopping to pick up an item a fan had dropped, even while surrounded by a massive crowd.

He bent down to pick up something a fan dropped and give it back to her despite he was being crowded didnt have space 😢 pic.twitter.com/JBC6yQmCll

— 94 DEGREES (@94_degrees) May 6, 2017

3. During a concert in Jakarta, Sehun let one of the younger EXO-L join him for a moment, even though she wasnt supposed to!

4. Another time, Sehun did the ET pose with a fan after she asked if he would be okay with it, even though special requests werent allowed.

Proving Sehun is always willing to put is fans before himself.