4 Male Idols Who Have A Crush On Red Velvets Irene

4 Male Idols Who Have A Crush On Red Velvets Irene

Red Velvets Irene is so charming, that these four male idols may have been one of the many to fall for her charms.

Known for her stunning visuals and loving personality, Irene has become one of the most popular young idols among male and female fans alike. In fact, Irene is so beautiful and caring that even male idols have professed their love for her on live broadcasts and on social media.

Check out four idols who seem to have fallen head over heels for Irene:

During Irenes acceptance speech after winning the Top 10 Award at the Melon Music Awards 2016, EXOs Chanyeol was captured reacting to Irenes beauty by mouthing AhShes pretty. After noticing he was on camera, he quickly buried his head in his hands from embarrassment, but by then his possible crush on Irene was already made obvious.

BTOB and Red Velvets moments together on We Got Married were both adorable and hilarious, however, Changsubs interactions with Irene were exceptionally adorable. When speaking to Irene, Changsub behaved like an adorable school girl that has just spoken to their crush. He was totally at a loss for words.

On an episode of Weekly Idol, Seunghyun named Irene as an idol that he has his eyes on, choosing her without hesitation over all the other female idols in the industry.

Its no secret that F.T ISLANDs Jaejin has had his eyes on the members of Red Velvet  Hes even been caught liking photos of Irene and following Irene fansites on Instagram.