Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea Reveals Her Abs

Brown Eyed Girls' Jea recently revealed a picture of her perfect abs in the desert. On May 4 the singer posted on her twitter, "I am in the desert right now," along with a photo

Brown Eyed Girls' Jea Reveals Her Abs

recently revealed a of her perfect abs in the desert.

On May 4 the singer posted on her twitter, “I am in the desert right now,” along with a photo. In the revealed photo, the singer is standing under the scorching desert sun wearing skinny jeans and a white knit shirt. We can see the clear blue skies and bright sunlight in the background.

But what caught the attention of netizens was the singer’s smooth yet firm-looking stomach.They flooded the singer with a variety of comments such as, “You are so pretty and cute,” “I heard that Jea was laying off red meat for awhile. Could her abs be the result of her hard work?” and “Seeing how she is taking good care of her , does this mean that Brown Eyed Girls will be releasing a new album soon?”

Last month, Jea also revealed that she had plans to start her solo activities soon, creating a lot of anticipation from .

Check out the singer’s photo below!

Brown Eyed Girls' Jea Reveals Her Abs

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