[Announcement] Tritops Giveaway Winners!

Last week, allkpop held a giveaway for Tritops fans for the release of their ‘Bad Guy‘ MV featuring Block B‘s P.O. and the beautiful Kim Sori

[Announcement] Tritops Giveaway Winners!

Last week, allkpop held a giveaway for Tritops for the release of their ‘Bad Guy‘ MV featuring ‘s P.O. and the beautiful Kim Sori.

To enter, contestants had to “like” Tritops’ Facebook page, follow their Twitter, and leave a comment below the giveaway article.

Without further ado… here are the winners!






Congratulations! Winners will be contacted via their allkpop forum accounts with instructions on how to claim their prize!

"Our Happy Time" + DVD Giveaway
Yoo-jeong (played by Lee Na-young) chronically attempts to commit suicide mostly out of spite. While suicidal people generally act in such a way because they believe the world would be better off without them, Yoo-jeong holds no such illusions. Her self-inflicted wounds are not a cry for help, but a deliberate sensation reminding the woman that there is no hope, love, or genuine empathy in her life...
Boyfriend Autographed Shirts Giveaway + Special Interview!
Hi Soompiers! Soompi recently caught up with Boyfriend for an exclusive interview at their first U.S. tour, “Boyfriend Live in U.S.A,” in Chicago! The six boys shared their thoughts on performing in the U.S. for the first time, how to tell the Jo twins apart (yes, there is a pair of twins in the group!), future plans, and who they would choose as their “Boyfriend” if they were reborn as girls...
“K-Pop Star Season 2″ Winners Akdong Musician Finally Releasing Debut Album
Akdong Musician, the winners of “K-Pop Star Season 2,” have their debut album lined up for release on April 7 of this year, the same day as the final round of last year’s “K-Pop Star.” The new album will have 11 tracks, and the duo will have their debut performance on the April 6 broadcast of “K-Pop Star Season 3.” There will be three title songs for this album, one chosen by YG, one by Akdong Musician, and one by the fans, choosing the most popular song one week after the release of the album...
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