Shinhwa celebrates SNSD’s subunit, Taetiseo’s debut

Shinhwa recently announced their last performance while celebrating SNSD’s subunit, Taetiseo’s debut. On May 3, Shin Hwa’s Lee Min Woo tweeted a picture with the caption, “Give your love and support to Shinhwa nad TTS

Shinhwa celebrates SNSD’s subunit, Taetiseo’s debut

recently announced their last performance while celebrating ’s subunit, Taetiseo’s .

On May 3, ’s Lee Min Woo tweeted a with the caption, “Give your love and support to Shinhwa nad TTS. Give the SNSD’s unit a warm welcome”

In the photo, the members of Shinhwa and Taetiseo strike a pose together. , Hyesung, Min Woo, Jeon Jin are holding the albums by the girl group in celebration of its release. The members of Taetisoe make a pleased look while being supported by the legendary idol group.

Netizens responded: “The look great together.” “Hope SNSD will run as long as Shinhwa.” Is that Shinhwa’s last performance for this album?”

On May 3, Taetiseo is to release a performance of the song “Twinkle,”and “Baby Step” on Mnet’s M!.

The longest running idol group Shinhwa is to give the last performance with the song Venus, the title track on their 10th album, and is to continue their Asia tour, titled, “The Return” with the kickoff in Shanghai, on April 30.

Source: Starnews

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