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“Rooftop Prince” Episode 13 Preview

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Check out the video preview for tonight’s episode below!

Park Ha: I’m busy right now.

Lee Gak: I’ve been thinking, and I think this is the best way.

Man: We were looking for someone who could work outside of Seoul.

Park Ha: Outside of Seoul?

Hong Sena: What does he mean it doesn’t matter...It’s our engagement ring...

Yong Tae Mu: Stop right now before this [engagement] goes any further.

Yong Tae Mu: It’s a ticket to New York. You’re responsible for Park Ha, and I’ll handle Tae Yong.

Hong Sena: Do you have time for a coffee break with me?

Park Ha: Do you really think the Crown Princess and Hong Sena are the same person?

Lee Gak: Let’s sign the contract.

Lee Gak: This is your house from now on.

SBSRooftop Prince,” starring Park Yoo Chun and Han Ji Min, has been doing moderately well in the ratings race, recording double digit ratings throughout its run. Last Thursday, it achieved 11.3% (AGB Nielsen),coming in second behind KBS “The Equator Man.” The drama will air its thirteenth episode tonight, May 2, at 9:55PM KST. 

SHAWOLs Have fun As SHINee Is The primary Staff To Stay All In their Usual Contributors Beneath SM For 8 Years

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SHAWOLs Have fun As SHINee Is The primary  Staff To Stay All In their  Usual  Contributors  Beneath SM For 8 Years

Turning eight this year supposed SHINee used to bethe primary idol workforcebeneath SM Entertainment to have reached the milestone with the usual line-up. Netizens have in comparison them to Shinhwa’s achievements that regardless of staying in the industry longer with the original members, the community was not in a position to continue selling under SM ENtertainment’s management. Girls’ Generation, at the other hand, are set to celebrate their 9th debut, however, this time, with a missing member. Jessica Jung left the organization just months after celebrating their 7th anniversary.

Spoiler 'Entertainers' Kang Min-hyuk puts a ring on Hyeri's finger: "Let's date"

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Jo Ha-heul was oncehaving a look at a ring he changed intowearing with him secretly, whilst he was hiding his one-sided love against Jeong Green. Jo Ha-neul left the prevent all of unexpected and Jeong Green went out to discover him as he disappeared.

Jo Ha-neul gave the impression in front of Jeong Green out of nowhere and then he took out a ring. Jo Ha-neul put the hoop on her finger. He looking out into Green's eyes said, "I like you a lot" and "Let's date".

GOT7′s Jackson Is Decided To Catch The Member Stealing His Stuff

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GOT7′s Jackson Is Decided To Catch The Member Stealing His Stuff

GOT7s Jackson Is Made up our minds To Catch The Member Stealing His StuffJiwonYu Would possibly 26, 2016 0 At the latest episode of The Gifted, a guy who loves profiling criminals, and has read over 100 books about psychology and crime on account of it, comes on the display to end up his talent.

During the show, GOT7s Jackson asks the fellow if he can assist him out with anything that came about recently. Jackson explains that his non-public belongings, corresponding to his skin cream and socks, have been disappearing and all theindividuals say they do notappear to be the culprit.

From then on, the guest starts throwing out speculations about this state of affairs and slowly narrows down on the conceivable culprit. It can bethe particular person that is the maximum absent-minded in your group, he suggests, and says that the individualmay no longer bemaking plans to thieve something yet just uses it and takes it without thinking.

Spoiler 'Lucky Romance' Hwang Jeong-eum and Ryu Jun-yeol get inebriated and kiss each and every other

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However, Won Dae-hae failed todisplay up on the day of presentation so Bonnie had to do the presentation. Bonnie dressed in a raccoon suit and mask finished the presentation. When she took off the mask, Je Soo-ho was surprised. He later also discovered out that Bonnie was so talented she can have been hired at Jeje in the past.

Je Soo-ho himself went to fulfill Bonnie to scout her. But, because Bonnie was on the point ofcross on a date with Choi Geon-wook (Lee Soo-hyeok), she driven Je Soo-ho away. At the moment, Choi Geon-wookshowed up and Bonnie let Je Soo-ho inside of her area quickly. And an unforeseen skinship happened between two.

Any ways, an epilogue scene at the end published what happened when Bonnie was black-out under the impact of alcohol on the old night. Bonnie drunk-kissed Je Soo-ho. While Bonnie had desperately looking for a romance with a guy born in the year of tiger, the romance had in truth begun without her knowing.

Song Hye Kyo Dishes On Lifestyles As A Superstar With Star1 Magazine

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Song Hye Kyo Dishes On Lifestyles As A Superstar With Star1 Magazine

Song Hye Kyo Dishes On Existence equally A Famous person alongside Star1 Mag ehk38 Would possibly 26, 2016 0 In a up to date pictorial and interview with @star1 magazine, Descendants of the Sun star Song Hye Kyo dishes on living life as a celebrity.

Song Hye Kyo shares, There isnt much of a difference in my day to day life. When Im no longer acting or working, Im just at housedining and snoozing with disheveled hair (Laughs) If theres anything elsethe severaldue to the being Song Hye Kyo, its that I am getting discounts at restaurants and extras for unfastened (Laughs).

And of direction that numerousother folksrespect me, she continues. It's now not that i am inconvenienced viathe truth that so muchof individuals recognize me and prefer me. I suspect if thats demanding to maintain then you nearly certainly shouldnt be in this line of work.

Spoiler 'Master - God of Noodles' Cheon Jeong-myeong unearths out about the father-daughter dating of Jo Jae-hyeon and Gong Seung-yeon

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When the side dish preparer was rummaging rubbish Kim Dahae threw away, she was stunnedto discover a document. She then went to Moo-myeong in its place of Go Kang-sook. Moo-myeong was passed over the report stealthily in a converting room. The document was a result of genetic trying out to end up that Kim Gil-do and Kim Dahae were father and daughter.

EXO Stocks Teaser For New Legit Gentle Stick

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EXO Stocks Teaser For New Legit  Gentle Stick

EXO Stocks Teaser For New AuthenticGentle Stickilmare42 Would possibly 26, 2016 0 SM Entertainment has shared a glimpse of a new official light stick for enthusiasts of its hit boy crew EXO!

The firm has released a teaser poster for the light stick that bestdisplays its silhouette, yetfinds that the hotedition of EXO’s official light stick can be released in July. It promises in important points at the ground that more information about the new product will be released later.

EXO maximumcurrently released their special mini album Sing For You ultimate December. They are currently getting ready for a comeback, which the contributors have hinted is planned for this summer.

Tablo Encourages Aspiring Artist With Tale About Yang Hyun Suk

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Tablo Encourages Aspiring Artist With Tale About Yang Hyun Suk

Tablo Encourages Aspiring Artist With Tale around Yang Hyun Sukehk38 Would possibly 26, 2016 0 On Could 26, Epik Prime held a reside Tablos Dreaming Radio special by approach of Naver V App.

During the broadcast, some of the listeners stocks with Tablo his struggles as an aspiring artist who has failed several auditions at YG Entertainment over the years.

Tablo responds with a story, A bit of after my debut, I were given into YG Entertainment, and Yang Hyun Suk told me that he told off all of theworkers that had listened and now not listened to my demo CD in the past.

I.O.I And “Produce 101″ Trainee Jeon So Yeon Display Give a spice up to For CLC’s Comeback

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I.O.I And “Produce 101″ Trainee Jeon So Yeon Display  Give a spice up to For CLC’s Comeback

I.O.I And bring 101 Trainee Jeon So Yeon DisplayStrengthen For CLCs ComebackJiwonYu Would possibly 26, 2016 0 On May just 26, CLC uploaded videos to its legit social media accounts, appearing I.O.I and trainee Jeon So Yeon from Produce 101 supporting CLCs comeback.

I.O.Is Jeon Somi, Zhou Jieqiong, Lim Nayoung, Kim Sohye, and Choi Yoojung cheer on CLC in the video via saying, We heard that CLC is coming back as a seven-member staff on Can also 30. We are hoping yous give love to CLC and I.O.I as well.

In any other video, Jeon So Yeon cheers on CLC as well. After changing intoabsolute bestbuddies with Kwon Eunbin thru Produce 101, she tells the fans, Kwon Eunbin could be joining CLC after having seemed on Produce 101. Kwon Eunbin, at all timesremainsturdy and I am hoping you get the niceeffects that you worked so demanding for.

TWICE To Be The recent Move Scholars On “Ask Us Anything”

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TWICE To Be The recent  Move  Scholars On “Ask Us Anything”

Make stronger the artist viapurchasing Page Two from YesAsia Related Tags Ask Us AnythingTWICEPost NavigationOutdatedTaleWatch: BTS’s V Reunites With Kim Min Jae And Talks About Crying At Concert On “Celebrity Bromance”