J.Y Park to address rumors about his marijuana usage on ‘Healing Camp’

  On the April 30th broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Healing Camp‘, Park Jin Young will open up about past rumors that he smoked marijuana

J.Y Park to address rumors about his marijuana usage on ‘Healing Camp’


On the April 30th broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Healing Camp‘, will open up about rumors that he smoked marijuana.

The producer and singer confessed that after the rumors circulated, he had an emotional conversation with his mother.  He explained that his mother weeped due to the ongoing rumors that stressed her out.

Aside from the marijuana talks, J.Y Park will also discuss the very sensitive topic, “Who created mankind and earth?”  In addition, J.Y Park will honestly address the ongoing rumors that if a K-Pop contestant from ‘‘ was trained under , that person would fail the audition.

Don’t miss this interesting episode on April 30th at 11:15 PM KST!


Source + Photos: TV Report via Naver, Osen via YTN

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