Man from the Equator Takes Top Spot on Ratings Chart

Man from the Equator Takes Top Spot on Ratings Chart

The Wednesday-Thursday drama “Man from the Equator” has ranked atop the viewer ratings chart among shows in the same time slot. Its April 25 episode posted viewer ratings of 15 percent, according to AGB Neilson Media Research, while MBC’s “The King Two Hearts” garnered 11.3 percent and SBS’ “Rooftop Prince” 10.6 percent.

‘Man from the Equator’ Takes Top Spot on Ratings Chart

On the episode, Kim Seon-woo (Uhm Tae-woong) reveals his changed identity to his old friend Lee Jang-il (Lee Joon-hyuk), who has turned into an enemy. He returns home with recovered vision as a successful businessman 13 years after he left the country for the U.S. He first pretends that he is still visually impaired, but appears in front of Jang-il as a mineral resource expert in relation to a case Jang-il, who has become a prosecutor, is undertaking.

The two engage in a psychological war by hiding their true intentions and conversing as briefly as possible.

Seon-woo makes all those involved in the death of his father gather by inviting them to the launch party of his company. This creates breathtaking tension as the war of nerves between those who want to bring the truth to light and others who are trying to hide their crime becomes unbearably fierce.

Writer: Jeon Ji-young

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