SBS Inkigayo Performances 04.29.12

SISTAR takes the win today on Inkigayo with their song "Alone." It is their second win this weekend as they also took #1 on Music Bank two days ago

SBS Inkigayo Performances 04.29.12

SBS Inkigayo Performances 04.29.12
takes the win today on Inkigayo with their song “Alone.” It is their second win this weekend as they also took #1 on Music Bank two days ago.

After two months of promotions, Big Bang had their goodbye performances of “Fantastic Baby” and “Bad Boy.” Comeback performances today were by boy groups , B.A.P and female soloist

Also be sure to check out the teasers for next weeks comebacks by TaeTiSeo, JYP and December.

Take 7
Girl’s Day – “Oh! My God”
– “Is The White Horse Coming”
– “Volume Up”
SISTAR – “Alone”
Big Bang – “Fantastic Baby”
Comeback Special
Ivy – “Torn Heart”
B.A.P – “Power”
U-KISS – “DORADORA” &”When Love Stops”
Hot Music
X-CROSS featuring Kim Sori – “Padam Padam (Heartbeat)”
Baechigi – “Do”
– “Stupid Love”
BTOB – “Insane”
Fresh Music
ANDAMIRO (featuring YDG) – “Except”
& Shin Jongkook – “Parting Is All The Same”
NU’EST – “I’m Sorry” (goodbye stage)

Big Bang








U-Kiss Speical



Cho Shin Sung

Girl’s Day


Yangpa & Shin Jongkook

B.A.P Speical









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