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Lee Kun-Hee of Samsung Group Tops Forbes' Korea Rich List: Nexon's Kim Jung-Ju Biggest Gainer after IPO in Tokyo

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Lee Kun-Hee of Samsung Group Tops Forbes' Korea Rich List: Nexon's Kim Jung-Ju Biggest Gainer after IPO in Tokyo

Singapore, 26 April 2012 - Lee Kun-Hee, the 70-year old chairman of Samsung Group isthe richest man in Korea once again with a net worth of $10.8 billion, up $1.5 billion from the year before, according to the latest Forbes' Korea Rich List 2012. The full list can be found at and in the May issues of Forbes Asia and Forbes Korea, the Korean language edition of Forbes, now on newsstands.

The gain in Lee Kun-Hee's net worth was the second highest after Kim Jung-Ju. The44-year old entrepreneur who founded online gaming company, Nexon, catapulted to third place on the Korea rich list from No. 9 last year.

Kim's wealth has more than doubled in a year from $2.06 billion to $4.3 billion after he listed Nexon in Tokyo in December 2011. The $1.2 billion initial public offering wasJapan's largest of the year. Since the launch the stock has risen 17%. The company expects revenue to grow 25% this year.

Yoon Gil-Joo, editor-in-chief of Forbes Korea, said: "The top rankings on the Korearich list have been linked to chaebols in the past. Kim's success as an entrepreneur is remarkable".

Overall, the collective net wealth of Korea's 40 richest climbed by $500 million to $66.1 billion during a period when the main stock index fell 6.15%. A record 22 billionaires are on this year's list, up from 21 last year. The minimum net worth to be ranked is $515 million, against $525 million last year. Tim Ferguson, editor of Forbes Asia, commented: "We are seeing solid pockets of new superwealth in Korea".

Despite the dip in the KOSPI index last year, a 52% rise in shares of Samsung Electronics propelled Lee Kun-Hee's net wealth. The company chalked up sales of $155 billion and became the world's largest memory chip and flat screen TV manufacturer.

Ranked second place on the list is Chung Mong-Koo, chairman of Hyundai Motor,the world's fifth largest automaker. Chung is valued at $6.6 billion, compared to $7.4 billion last year. In 2011, Hyundai and Kia sold 6.6 million vehicles and their combined US marketshare jumped from 3% in 2001 to 10% a year ago.

The two richest women on the list are Lee Myung-Hee, sister of Lee Kun-Hee, and Lee Boo-Jin, his eldest daughter. Lee Myung-Hee is at No. 11 on the list and heads Shinsegae Group, the country's second largest retailer after Lotte. She is worth $1.68 billion, up from$1.6 billion last year. Lee Boo-Jin is worth $1.23 billion, up from $1.1billion last year.

There are five new faces on this year's list, including one who joined as a billionaire,Lee Joong-Keun, who is ranked No. 20 with a net worth of $1.04 billion. Lee oversees apartment-construction company Booyoung. The others are Park Sung-Soo (No. 32), who started with a tiny clothing shop and is now Chairman of E-Land, a company that has expanded into the fashion, distribution and hotel businesses. The other newcomers are Seo Jung-Jin of Celltrion, the largest biotech company in Korea (No. 31), Lee Joong-Keun (No.20) and Shin Sun-Ho (No. 39). The latter two made their fortunes from real estate.

Two tycoons return to the list after dropping off last year: Lee Hae-Jin of NHN, acompany that operates Korea's widely used search engine Naver, and Lee Joon-Yong ofconstruction company Daelim.

The top 10 richest Koreans are:

1) Lee Kun-Hee; US$10.8 billion

2) Chung Mong-Koo; $6.6 billion

3) Kim Jung-Ju; $4.3 billion

5) Chung Eui-Sun; $3.1 billion

6) Shin Chang-Jae; $2.2 billion

7) Chung Mong-Joon;$2.17 billion

8) Chey Tae-Won; $1.9 billion

9) Shin Dong-Bin; $1.87 billion

10)Shin Dong-Joo; $1.75 billion

The list was compiled using shareholding and financial information obtained from thefamilies and individuals, stock exchanges, analysts, South Korea's Financial Services Commission and other sources. Net worths are based on stock prices and exchange rates as ofthe close of markets on April 13. Privately held companies were valued by comparing them with similar publicly traded companies.

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Licensed in 2003, Forbes Korea is a monthly Korean language publication by Joongang Ilbo, one of South Korea's leading media conglomerates. About one-third of Forbes Korea's content is from Forbes and Forbes Asia; the rest are local stories. Content include news on South Korea's chaebols, entrepreneurs, celebrities, andphilanthropists as well as on the lifestyle and insights of the rich and famous in Korea.

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Steve Forbes serves as Chairman and Editor in Chief. Mike Perlis is President and Chief Executive Officer.

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She wears plenty of bright patterns and colors, whilst sitting in an empty studio. Bora expresses a youngerair of mysterythru her matured expressions and poses, practicallyas though she used to be a painted masterpiece. The idol reportedly gained compliments from the body of workers for her talent to be multi-talented, even on set.

During the interview, Bora finds her robust mindset, stating, I would like toat all times put forth my best possible effort, and reside up to the publics expectancies of me.

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In a press release shared to the group’s legit Facebook page, the individuals unveiled that they are going to be proceeding with all activities beneaththe hot mention L.A.U. The verdictwas once made in order that they would have a set name that became more meaningful to the crowd and the fans, as the members determinedat the name themselves.

As for their long run schedules, L.A.U also announced that they’re making plans for a secret fan assembly at the finish of May. The group then intends to advertise in Korea and Japan beginning in June.

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Soko Glam chatted with Son Dae Sik, who could also be the professional makeup artist of Jun Ji Hyun, and Park Tae Yun, the makeup artist of K-pop stars comparable to SISTAR and Sandara Park from 2NE1, to get their favourite Korean celebrity beauty tips!

1. Skin FirstSon says, “Skin care is the majora section of your makeup routine. You want to cope with your skin so as for your makeup to seem flawless. So be certain to cleanse, tone, and gently exfoliate to be sure your pores are cleansed effectivelyearlier than applying makeup.”

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Minho traveled all of the way to Berlin, Germany for the photo shoot, which was once unveiled on April 25. In the photos, Minho shows off his tall, thin figure with a close-fitting pair of dark pants and a baseball jacket. Other outfits also featured a leather jacket and a elementary coat.

In the interview portion of the pictorial, Minho also opens up about his contemporary roles, adding his first movie part in “Spring Granny” and his role in the approaching drama “Hwarang” along Park Search engine marketing Joon and Move Ara.

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Watch our video review of "My Sassy Girl" and notice how Cha Tae-hyeon deals with his sassy girl, Jeon Ji-hyeon. And if you need more Korean motion picture recommendations, do take a glance at our10 Korean films of 2015 it's profitable totest out.

The author, Jason Yu, is from Asian Filmist, a site that is going in-depth about Asian movies. He works as a foreign journalist as press and media in Seoul, Korea.

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Song Joong Ki Rocks Informal Looks For Best Tenilmare42 April 30, 2016 0 Actor Song Joong Ki displays off a relaxed, weekend glance in some new pictures for clothing store Top Ten.

Top Ten these days shared photos from their shoot with Song Joong Ki on their authentic homepage and Facebook. In the pictures, he chills out in cosy clothing whilsthaving a look as without difficultygood-looking as ever.

Song Joong Ki recently become a familycall after starring in the big hit KBS drama Descendants of the Sun, which aired its ultimate episode on April 22. He has since been playinglargestatuseither in Korea and internationally, and is embarking on a fan assemblyexcursion in Asia.

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