WIRED reports on false rumors surrounding Tablo’s college degree

WIRED reports on false rumors surrounding Tablo’s college degree

WIRED reports on false rumors surrounding Tablos college degree

A full investigation of Tablos infamous Stanford degree controversy conducted by Joshua Davis, a fellow Stanford alumni, was featured on the latest issue of WIRED Magazine.

After conducting extensive research and interviews, Davis wrote, He actually did graduate from Stanford in three and a half years with two degrees. His GPA had been in the top 15 percent of his undergraduate class. The evidence marshaled against him was false. Davis goes on to further investigate the reasons behind how this alleged diploma falsification led to a full-fledged backlash.

In May of 2010, Tablos anti-fan club, TaJinYo (an abbreviation in Korean for Tell the Truth, Tablo), was created and defamed Tablo with accusations of stealing someone’s identity, dodging the draft, and faking passports, diplomas, and transcripts. After in-depth interviews with several members of TaeJinYo, Davis reveals new details including how the forums allegations were further fueled by the old posts of a blogger who claimed to be Tablos cousin.

The investigation reveals an inside look into the controversy through Davis conversations with Tablo himself, and lists all of the evidence in great detail, which further confirms Tablos innocence. The article is currently receiving much attention among fans and anti-fans alike.

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Though full reports have previously cleared Tablos name in South Korea, this is the first time an investigation was covered in full by an American magazine. There are reports that TaJinYo is outraged by WIREDs article.

For more details on the investigation of Tablos Stanford degree controversy, check out the article here.

Source: WIRED

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