“Moon/Sun’s” Nam Bora Dating “Dream High 2’s” Park Seo Joon?

According to one local media outlet, “The Moon that Embraces the Sun’s” Nam Bora is currently in a relationship with “Dream High 2’s” Park Seo Joon

“Moon/Sun's” Nam Bora Dating “Dream High 2’s” Park Seo Joon?

According to one local media outlet, “The Moon that Embraces the Sun’sNam Bora is currently in a relationship with “’s Park Seo Joon. The article stated that the two actors have been dating for close to a year. Nam Bora met Park Seo Joon through mutual acquaintances when they attended a Seoul Arts College alumni event for actors.

However, both parties have denied the dating rumors. A representative of Nam Bora’s agency, Show Brother’s Entertainment, stated, “Nam Bora and Park Seo Joon are simply close friends. We believe this dating rumor sparked because both are today’s rising stars. When we talked to Nam Bora over the phone, she simply laughed. This [dating rumor] was a first for her…” Park Seo Joon’s management Key East Entertainment also echoed, “Park Seo Joon is a close to everyone in the company. There is a group of friends that are mutual acquaintances with the two. Park Seo Joon and Nam Bora haven’t even known each other for very long.”

Nam Bora recently starred as Princess Min Hwa in the mega-popular MBC series “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” co-starring , , and . Park Seo Joon acted in “Dream High 2,” also starring 2AM’s Jin Woon and , as Si Woo from fictional boy group Iden. 

“Moon/Sun's” Nam Bora Dating “Dream High 2’s” Park Seo Joon?

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