Epik High's Tablo tweets about his father

Epik High's Tablo recently made a reference to his late father in a tweet. On April 26th, he tweeted, "My father passed away one month ago today

Epik High's Tablo tweets about his father

’s Tablo recently made a reference to his late father in a tweet. On April 26th, he tweeted, “My father passed away one month ago today.”

He added, “I was truly thankful for all your warm thoughts that time,” expressing his gratefulness for the consolation that the people around him had provided.

He also changed his Twitter profile to one that he had taken with his father. Netizens who saw his message said, “I will pray for your father” and “I hope you stay strong.”

Meanwhile, Tablo’s father passed away on March 26th. Fellow celebrities attended the wake, alongside an outpouring of condolences on the internet.

Source: Star News

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