ElectroBoyz Release MV for "Should I Laugh or Should I Cry" feat. Baek Ji Young

ElectroBoyz' full music video for "Should I Laugh or Should I Cry" featuring Baek Ji Young has been released today on Brave Entertainment's YouTube channel

ElectroBoyz Release MV for "Should I Laugh or Should I Cry" feat. Baek Ji Young

ElectroBoyz‘ full music video for “Should I Laugh or Should I Cry” featuring has been released today on Brave Entertainment‘s YouTube channel.

After gaining a lot of popularity last year with their second single “Ma Boy 2” which featured ‘s Hyorin, this time they have collaborated with “OST Queen” Baek .   

In the MV the members a rapping and singing while walking around. Starting out in an an ocean side residential area in the beginning, by the end they are walking though a city area at night While Baek Ji Young is not present in the video, her emotional singing can be heard throughout the song. 

The hip-hop trio’s third single album “Electrify” was released today, April 26 in Korea.  

They also released greeting videos talking about the release of their new single. They described the song as being more laid back then their previous singles and asked for ’ support.

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